When we understand that in the workplace we are on a mission for Jesus and to influence people for the kingdom of God, as Christians, we should shift our perspective on how we do what we do.

Dr. Nathan J Culver

In my experience in the corporate environment, I have found that many Christians, including myself, have been guilty of performing in a way that helps us to maintain a paycheck. Often our mediocre performance in our work duties and functions does not aid in the effectiveness of our ministry or mission in the corporate environment.

All too often, Christians go into the workplace with a mentality of getting paid. And yes, we need to work to maintain a living and provide for ourselves and family. However, it is also vital that we work in such a way that nonbelievers see our efficiency and excellence.

When God spoke to Adam in the Garden of Eden concerning his mission, He said to him the following, “Be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth and subdue it” (Gen. 1:28).

It is our responsibility as kingdom representatives to steward God’s kingdom well in everything we do. We should focus on mastering our profession so that others pay attention. Those who are non-Christian understand the importance of mastery. It is the reason most take continuing education courses. Mastery means more than just going into the workforce to make money.

There is a place of dominance that you must get to, but it starts with mastering our field and becoming the go-to person in our industry, department or team. The reality is that dominance begins mentally and manifests in every area of our life. Thinking about new realms and levels will allow us to dominate.

Dr. Nathan Culver is the Senior Leader of Imprint Life Ministries and the Overseeing Bishop and Apostle of Imprint Ministerial Alliance.

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