Following his expulsion from the party in a press release dated 6th March 2015 the Vice President of the Republic of Sierra Leone Alhaji Samuel Sam Sumana finally broke silence on Tuesday 10th March 2015. Although unofficially the vice president spoke to local media debunking allegations of faking his academic credentials, religion, anti party activities and use of thuggery to intimidate his party comrades. However, this expulsion has received strong criticism from the public for which many say it has rather attracted sympathy rather than acceptance.

In a special interview this morning with local media, the vice president disclosed that he is a member of the All Peoples Congress and will remain so until his final days on earth. He also revealed that he has not even received any formal letter of his expulsion from the party.

On the grounds of him faking his religion, the VP emphasized that he was born a Muslim but spent most of his life in a Christian community as he attended a boarding school run by Methodist school from Junior Secondary School right through senior secondary school level. He also added that he had attended a Muslim school at some point in time. He however, strongly maintained that he has never being a Christian. He ended his stating in no uncertain terms that he has never been involved in any anti party politics and thuggery against his party members. He ended by calling for calm throughout the country urging Sierra Leoneans to focus on ending Ebola.

Meanwhile the Vice President continues to observe his quarantined period of which he is in his tenth day.

In another development the country’s main opposition the Sierra Leone Peoples Party has condemned the expulsion of the vice president in a press release dated 9th March 2015.The press release started by raising concerns about what is considers an unprecedented political drama in the ruling All Peoples Congress Party

The press release went further to state that while the SLPP has no intention of interfering into the internal affairs of the APC they wish to raise salient questions which include the timeliness of his expulsion .The press release noted that the decision to expel the vice president is not only malicious and anti democratic but it stands the risk of plunging the country into a constitutional crisis

It further said that this decision indicates that their presidential tickets for 2007 and 2012 elections were deceptive. The party has called on the government to use every constitutional means to ensure the country does not return to the years of dictatorship which the truth and reconciliation report identified as a major cause of the 11 years civil war.

The press release ended by calling on members of parliament to put the interest of the nation above partisan interests. We shall continue to bring u updates as they unfold.

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