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The Pentecostal Fellowship of Sierra Leone PFSL has mounted a robust   campaign against Same Sex Marriage in the country. This is in direct response to rumors which indicate that the same sex marriage bill is about to be tabled and debated in Sierra Leones house of Parliament.

The campaign started with a press conference at the Council of Churches Sierra Leone Hall Kingherman Road in the country’s capital Freetown.bishop laggah

Bishop Dr.Julius Laggah is the Public Relations Officer of PFSL he said this is a pro active step by PFSL and by extension the body of Christ in Sierra Leone. He noted that enacting a same sex marriage bill in the country has several negative consequences on the country noting that such a step has a ripple effect on the society, culture and belief system of the people.

Bishop Laggah further said that same sex marriage violates the belief of the major religions in the country. He stressed that same sex marriage is unacceptable, unethical, demonic and an abomination. He called on religious leaders to do more in sensitising the public about the dangers of same sex marriage. Commenting on the human rights issue of the matter he said PFSL is not actually campaigning against the aspect of practicing same sex marriage but the aspect of legalising it.

In conclusion he said the campaign will be taken to other parts of the country after the lifting of the state of emergency and a subsequent declaration of an Ebola free country.

On his part Bishop Abu Sidikie Koroma of Flaming evangelical Ministries noted that even animals are not attracted to the same sex, saying God created man and woman for a purpose, he said procreation will only happen between the opposite sex. He noted that throughout his 34 years in ministry he has never seen the Bible recommend such a life style.

”This will destroy the fabrics of the society and it will be detrimental to the very existence of our nation. If we want to find a quick way to incur the wrath of God then let us legalise same sex marriage” Bishop Koroma lamented, giving Romans 1 as a scriptural reference. Several other ministers of the gospel have joined PFSL in the campaign .Meanwhile the President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Sierra Leone Bishop Archibald Cole has said that the campaign continues unabated.

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