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Red, Gold and Green

My mother placed the artefacts

Like those I’ve never seen

Upon our shinny Christmas tree

So red so gold so green

Criss-crossed the trimmings

Round and round

And let the boxes hang

Then tuned the pretty yellow lights

Till they lit up and sang

I watched in wonder, filled with awe

And clapped my hands in glee,

This pleasant and delightful thing

Was such a sight to see.

My childish curiosity

Had made me very keen,

To ask the question bothering me

Why red, why gold, why green?

Red pools of blood seeped to the ground

When death came to the brink,

Red was the color of the wine

He made his own to drink;

My sins were scarlet, crimson, red,

He washed them white as snow,

Redeemed, forgiven, reconciled

Red makes the world to know.

The king of kings came down to earth

Was given a gift of gold,

To symbolize his royalty

A destiny foretold;

Gold never changes, never fades

Will last forevermore,

A kingdom enriched by souls of men

Will evermore endure.

Come in the winter solstice

Some trees are evergreen,

Their leaves remain as fresh and new

Just as they’ve always been;

Green stands for growth and grace

And all the gifts that we might crave,

Green shows the everlasting life

He came that we might have.

So quietly I stood beside

The gently twinkling tree,

Still pondering the awesome truth

The colors proved to be,

As mother placed the artefacts

So red, so gold, so green,

So long ago that Christmas day

Like those I’d never seen.


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