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From the book by Tochi Opara on ‘Being a Mom of 2’

Tochi Opara

It is truly joyful being a mother. Children bring a lot of happiness, love, and countless gifts to our lives but the commitment to nurture another human being from infancy to adulthood, comes with an additional load of stress. Unfortunately, not many mothers get the right amount of help they require in their motherhood journey.

Raising one baby is a difficult job which even becomes a monumental task adding another baby to the equation. It goes beyond a simple insignificant transitioning. There is always a major shift that mothers do not envision or underestimate and this makes them experience a lot of burn out and anxiety as to learn ways to adjust to this shift.

‘Being a Mom of 2’ is a book based not only on the experiences of mothers, but highlights what every mother in her second motherhood journey should know before her baby arrives. Nobody is born a parent or even adequately prepared to become a mother talk more of knowing what to expect having a second child.

It is also beneficial to every mom (with one kid or more) because it shares challenges that come with parenting a toddler and a newborn. It highlights the daily stress that mothers encounter and practical solutions on how to address them. Proper prioritizing and planning techniques as well as self-care ideas are also discussed. At the end of the book, daily affirmations and prayers are added to help speak positivism into each day as it breaks.

This book will be a companion and guide to a stress-free motherhood journey. Every mother should live happily and find fulfillment in whatever mom-path they have chosen or situation they find themselves. It will also help in handling/overcoming stress and building your support system. It also provides work-life balance strategies to enable mothers live their dreams, achieve their goals and scale through motherhood like a pro!

To request for a copy, for further enquiries and to share your challenges, please contact the author via email at [email protected] or WhatsApp on +2348036757230. Follow on Instagram @talkingmomstress to get more contents on motherhood stress.


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