Little is known about the Baltimore woman who in at least one media report, was being called “Mom of the Year,” but no doubt information will follow in the days to come. (Photo via WMAR)

The reason for her accolade?

Apparently as rioting ensued following Monday’s funeral for Freddie Gray, one mother must have spotted her son (as only a mom can) wearing a black ski mask and hood, likely planning on joining the rioters.

This mom responded in passion and tough-love (albeit with expletives too), disciplining her son right there on the street, for all on the scene to see—and now the world, thanks to TV.

Journalist Charles V. Payne caught the action on video, and sent it on to social media with the comment: “Mom of the year in Baltimore… my mother would have done the same thing.”

In the short video, this mom is seen smacking her son while she attempts to pull his hood and mask down, yelling at him to take it off. She seems to prevail as she herds her son in the direction of a parking lot, and possibly her car to take him home.

Even the Baltimore Police Commissioner, Anthony Watts commented on the now viral video saying, “If you saw on one scene, you had one mother who grabbed her child who had a hood on his head and she started smacking him on the head because she was so embarrassed. I wish I had more parents that took charge of their kids out there tonight.”

Maybe she wasn’t the most eloquent of disciplinarians, but she definitely seemed to be the epitome of a mom that cares enough to do what was necessary to get her son out of harm’s way, and to stop him from joining in on the senseless destruction.

You never know, with the rioting that escalated afterwards, she may have even saved his life.

I hope he’ll look back on this one day and say, “Yeah, my mom loved me enough to do that.”

SOURCE:, by Aimee Herd; Youtube

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