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Isabella’s Tender World of Verses

The Christmas bells ring
For our newborn king
For he was born in a manger
And took away our danger
Today is Christmas
The day Jesus Christ was born
He saved us from illness
While wearing a crown of thorns
As heaven looked away
And God deprived
But 3 days later
Jesus has revived


There once was a bunny
Who looked a bit funny
He went to the farm
And broke his arm
And soon ran out of money


I once went to the zoo
To visit a kangaroo
I heard an ouch
Slipped on my pouch
And my wallet too

Asked what inspires her writing, 10 years old Isabella responded,“What you can do with writing inspires me to write. For example, you can write a motivational poem that can help with self-esteem. Writing can also change people’s lives! This is why I love to write poems.”

Isabella had won the “Keep Odessa Clean Essay Competition 2020.


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