Rebecca Brown

Although I cannot agree with every single thing in this book… I really enjoyed reading it. For one thing – because I have come out of DARKNESS (heroin addict/prostitute) – I have been exposed to the demonic/spiritual warfare to a pretty great degree.

I have worked with a woman and some of her family members that have recently come out of YEARS of SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse). I read the Rebecca Brown book years prior to meeting this woman and my husband has never read it. When this woman came to live with us, crazy things began happening… knocking on the door, no one being there when we answered, computer running by itself, changing fonts from microscopic to HUGE… CD, DVD, TV etc. not working whenever we wanted to watch or listen to something like worship… these may sound like minor inconveniences (and they were/are) but they happened so frequently once this woman started living with us that it’s too much to be a coincidence.

I will not share some of the personal and private things that this woman has had to go through even while she’s been here – in spite of finally escaping physically from where she lived (in the same state as Elaine as a matter of fact). She had continued to be tormented emotionally, spiritually and even physically (my husband said that unless he saw it with his own eyes he wouldn’t believe it) but the Lord Jesus is so faithful and because she has made Him her LORD and Savior, He is doing amazing things in this woman’s life!!!

We have been so blessed to see, over and over – Jesus show up and overcome the enemy. Rebecca Brown’s book has been so useful and honestly – when she began living with us – I started reading the book again because I felt like every thing in the book was/is what we were/are living on a daily basis.

I definitely BELIEVE that much of the experience Rebecca and Elaine experienced was/is REAL – unfortunately the witches astral projecting is real and DOES happen… we have found that when this happens (when we rebuke demons in Jesus’ Name and they don’t leave – demons may take a bit if they are a principality but eventually, they MUST leave – while human spirits are much more stubborn) we ask Jesus to break their silver cord and sever their head from their body (if they wont repent) and they leave. I also believe that there ARE Satanists who pretend to be good, moral, upstanding people or even more so Christian… so that it will be very difficult for anyone to believe it if they are accused of being involved in the occult.

All I can say, is don’t write the things in Rebecca’s book as too extreme to be true. I think that one of Satan’s biggest deceptions is to get people to believe that things like this don’t happen. If anyone (like myself) have gone to the depths of hell before Jesus came and pulled you out – you KNOW that given the right circumstance, we humans are capable of ANYTHING; capable of doing the sickest, most vile, demented crimes against other human beings… especially if a person does not have a relationship with Jesus, and even more so, if the person considers Satan their god.

Regardless, Jesus is Lord, He is on the throne and “Our brothers conquered him by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they did not cling to their lives even in the face of death.” Rev.12:11

Review by Laurie Ishii


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