rev adepojuGoal fuels actions. Word Web Dictionary defines it as the state of affairs that a plan is intended to achieve and that when achieved, terminates the behaviour intended to achieve it. The place designated as the end of a journey or race is also said to be goal. It is not pretentious no matter how hard the performer of an action tries. When subtlety is applied to get a selfish ambition accomplished, the reason at the end is still detectable. No creature therefore, is created by the creator without a goal in mind. He knows the end from the beginning (Isa 46:10).

Man however, often times, misses the goal for his existence. He is preoccupied with the mundane forgetting that all he has acquired channels towards achieving a course. Death terminates a life whose task is done. But not many people realize this. No impact is traceable to their existence. They are like a serpent crawling through a rock. Those who live for nothing die for nothing. Mordecai imprints a message on my heart on the necessity of taking the bull by the horn as regards goal.

14. “For if you remain completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?’

Hadassah (Esther) was being addressed. She was Abihail’s daughter, Mordecai’s cousin, an orphan. She was among the Jews taken captive in Babylon. Fate had her raised by her uncle, a single father as it were. Incidentally, the Bible is silent about Mordecai’s marriage. Hers was double tragedy. Orphanage and captivity. She was presumably prone to odd jobs from her taskmaster as a slave, and as well susceptible to depression on the loss of her parents. No record of other siblings who might have served as consolation to her. Also, motherly care was lacking in her upbringing. These predicaments notwithstanding, God channeled Esther towards her goal in life. The beauty pageant in search of the queen for king Ahasuerus brought her to the limelight (Est. 2:1-9). The poor lady worn the king’s favour amidst extravagantly dressed ladies. Others were fashionable but she was lovely and beautiful such that the king couldn’t resist her. Favour works with contact. Others were deflowered by the king as the custom demands thereby becoming concubines (Est. 2:10-14), but she was crowned the queen and brought to the royal palace without defilement (Est. 2:15-18).

Her enthronement bred envy and conspiracy not only to her but the entire Jewish nation in Babylon (Est. 2:19-23; 3; 4:1-9). The verdict on Mordecai’s refusal to pay homage to Haman set the scene for Esther’s goal in life. No one else have access to the king’s throne but her. Tradition however prevented her from reaching the king except by invitation (Est. 4:10-12). Not minding death, Mordecai propelled Esther to her goal and she was resolute to the course for which she was brought into the kingdom.

15Then Esther told them to reply to Mordecai: 16”Go gather all the Jews who are present in Shushan, and fast for me; neither eat nor drink for three days, night or day. My maids and I will fast likewise. And so I will go the king, which is against the law; and if I perish, I perish!” 17So Mordecai went his way and did according to all that Esther commanded him

(Ester 4:15-17)

Esther nipped her course in the bud. No newly wedded lady will want to miss honeymoon, hers was different. She jeopardized it. Not a blissful night with the king. She got God’s purpose for allowing her to marry right. No biological children to her credit, but she saved a nation. Show me an African woman who desires no children and I will show you a witch. Glory to God Esther wasn’t one. No child to uphold her name yet, she is ever alive. God in Esther demonstrates to us that name is not sustained by offspring but by work. Believers are heirs with Christ because of his work not primarily by his name. The faith in his work reconciles us back to God thereby making us his children. The achieved work equally makes his name ever potent. Esther may not have survived her parents in the real sense of it (considering the fame she attained) but for her work. She enrolled herself in the Guinness book of record of faith. Her parents died with no significance attached to their names, but she attempted death for the sake of saving the Jews; she became a monument. Her existence terminates as her goal is reached. What a woman!


Young ladies have a lot to learn from this progenitor. I have witnessed spinsters who are desperate of having husband due to age factor. I wonder how many of them have caught the glimpse of their goal for the intended marriage. The training that will launch them into the fulfillment of their destiny is not endurable. Esther was restful and teachable. She endured the training. Marriage was not in her thought when the chance came. It took Mordecai to get her ready for the beauty pageant. She was prepared for the task for which she was brought into the kingdom. Who tells you then that you are long overdue? The delay is but for a reason. Process produces product.

Why are you completely silent where God has designated you to be his voice? Many of the great destinies that would have been birthed by you are being concealed. You take joy in the affliction of others all because you rose to the top through the route of affliction. You simply forget that for such a time as this you are brought into the kingdom. Good as marriage is, God’s utmost goal of it is not sexual gratification. It’s beyond having children like others. Rather, it is to get your destiny in life fulfilled. A particular task is tied to your neck. No one else is assigned the responsibility but you. The relief will surely come from someone else if you fail but beware of termination. Ponder on how morally justifiable it is for a newly wedded lady to go a fasting. If it is a day, it’s understandable. But a three day of no food or drink is being considered here. Wedding felicitation and merriment ceased for the goal to be achieved. You don’t need a womb to be a nursing mother.

Service is the purpose attached to believers’ heirship in the kingdom. The attendant blessings however overtake so many of us. Goal is being traded for gain. The core is being substituted for electives. Pulpit’s dignity is lost because of divided attention. We neglect the task for which we are brought into the kingdom. Appreciation services are being demanded at an alarming rate in our days at the expense of the pew’s growth. We leave the flock unfenced and unfed yet, we milk the breast. Discipleshift replaces discipleship. The Davids are found on the path of Saul. Shepherds are daily called into the flock still, wolves devour the sheep at will. The feeble are not strengthened but, titles are increasing. We forget how we waited on God for the divine instructions that brought us to this point. Jealousy characterizes our disposition towards one another. We pull others down that we might climb the stairs up. Society is rotting but no salt to sweeten it. The faith is being opposed but no Esther is available to defend the course of Christ. Be reminded of the reason for your appearing.

Work’s substitution for job defines so many directors in the government parastatals. They are earning pay based on the job therefore faith must be separately defined in the office. They fail in letting their work define their job. Esther’s destiny was to save but queenship was the platform. You are a Christian, the platform for making Christ known to the world around you is your job. Why then do you opine that Christianity is only practiced in the church? Daniel was a Jew yet, his background influenced governance in Babylon. You have been brought to the kingdom for such a time as this. Do you know that your right to conduct prayer in your office as an apex leader is unquestionable? Maids fasted at Esther’s command. Why has fear engulfed your heart? Have you ever considered why you emerged the director of all the names that were shortlisted? It is for such a time as this. As a Christian politician does your tenure in office count? I am very sure that one of your reasons for going into politics is to effect a change. The nationwide injustice and corruption informed your interest. Now that the opportunity has finally come, you’ve been possessed. Fat as it is, your salary doesn’t satisfy you. The seat has widen your spending. Besides, the statutory allocation meant for your constituency, ministry or state is being diverted for personal use. Workers languish in abject poverty because of unpaid salary but you seem not to care. Hopeless people are all around in the grassroots, who your leadership opportunity can give hope to. They watch you change cars and launch chain of business when they can’t afford a three square meal. Lazarus was treated the same way by the rich man but the end justified the reason for each of their existences (Lk. 16:19-31). A reason is attached to your political appointment. It is to serve God through the people you serve.

Maids, how are you serving your masters? The girl who facilitated Naaman’s healing was a maid (2 Kings 5). Her name was withhold but her work speaks. She came to the scene for the purpose of her master’s deliverance and she left immediately her task was done. Slavery is human term. To God, you are created in his very image. Why then is the status that doesn’t define you beclouds you? Your status is not an exception. Esther was a captive not a hired maid. She attained her goal regardless the status. She summoned courage and approached the king on behalf of her people. The king of kings could not but act through the earthen vessel that the excellence of the glory may be his. Offering a substandard service because of the status involved surcharges the chances of attaining your goal in life. No one gives to you what is yours unless you have faithfully serve in what is others.

Before curtain is drawn on this issue, consider Mary. She conceived, gave birth, and nursed baby Jesus. The saviour’s afflictions that climaxed in death on the cross wasn’t in her absence. No woman regards such as child’s play. Jesus’ resurrection and ascension occurred right in her lifetime. Instead of being depressed, Mary delivered the goal for which she was brought into the kingdom and inflamed her faith in the son that came out of her own womb. She had clear distinction of Jesus’ dual nature: God and man. Her relationship with him as the saviour superseded maternal relationship.

12Then they returned to Jerusalem from the mount called Olivet, which is near Jerusalem, a Sabbath day’s journey.13And when they had entered, they went up into the upper room where they were staying: Peter, James, John, and Andrew; Philip and Thomas; Bartholomew and Matthew, James the son of Alphaeus and Simeon the zealot; and Judas the son of James.14This all continued with one accord in prayer and supplication, with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brothers.

(Acts 1:1214)

In Mary, virtue beyond motherhood is found. The emphasis on her name among other women present in the upper room is a pointer. Between resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ was a period of five hundred days. Humanly speaking, the period ought to be a mourning period for Mary. Her thirty three year old son died. Like a dream he resurrected the third day and finally parted with her. The experience of his childhood, adolescent, and adulthood will occupy Mary’s memory. The grief is expected to be tensed but regardless of it, Mary was found in the upper room waiting for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Though the waiting took fifty days after Jesus’ ascension, she didn’t miss Pentecost experience. She was enrolled among the Apostles upon whom the prophecy was fulfilled (Acts 1:8). She crossed gender boundary. She experienced the same anointing as the Apostles of Jesus Christ. She achieved the course for which she was brought into the kingdom: A witness of Jesus. Her son’s ascension as a mother didn’t cause a setback in her faith. Her name was on the list of those who waited for the in-filling of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

Nothing justifiable should separate you from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus; not even death of a beloved. Why are you considering backsliding? You have come a long way than to quit. Who knows whether for such a time like this you are brought into the kingdom? How many of you out there will gladly serve in an office where your biological child is the boss? Mary served the course of Jesus who was her earthly son. She hallowed the anointing on him in order to be partaker of it. Virgins were numerous in her day but she was chosen to mother Jesus. Women ministered to Jesus in his earthly ministry but Mary was one of the few who experienced Pentecost. God in Christ Jesus desires to engage you. Paramount to living is your goal. It’s possible to live a hundred year without attaining the essence for living. A twenty year old boy may as well die fulfilling his course. Which one is better: Dying young fulfilled or live a wasteful long life? Death strikes for two reasons: Termination of the behaviour intended to achieve a goal after it has been achieved. Also, to root out wasteful living by God. Surely, every man will die whether as an achiever or a failure. The greatest tragedy therefore is not death, but life without purpose. My prayer, as I had once journeyed through this route, which I think will be yours too is:

*Thou my everlasting portion,

More than friend or life to me;

All along my pilgrim journey,

Saviour let me walk with Thee.

Close to Thee, close to Thee

Close to Thee, close to Thee;

All along my pilgrim journey,

Saviour let me walk with Thee.

*Not for ease or worldly pleasure,

Not for fame my pray’r shall be;

Gladly will I toil and suffer,

Only let me walk with Thee.

Close to Thee, close to Thee,

Close to Thee, close to Thee;

Gladly will I toil and suffer,

Only let me walk with Thee.

*Lead me thro’ the vale of shadows,

Bear me o’er life fitful sea;

Then the gate of life eternal

May I enter Lord, with Thee.

Close to Thee, close to Thee,

Close to Thee, close to Thee;

Then the gate of life eternal

May I enter Lord, with Thee.

REV. JOHN ADEYINKA ADE ADEPOJU is a Nigerian Baptist pastor. He became a Christian at sixteen, and received the call into the gospel ministry in his twenties. He presently anchors JESUS REIGNS MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL, Ibadan, Nigeria. He was privileged to be trained at The Baptist Colleges of Theology Oyo and Benin City, Nigeria respectively, and received further trainings at THE AMBROSE ALLI UNIVERSITY, Ekpoma, Edo State, Nigeria, and the historic SOUTHERN BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY, Louisville KY, USA.
John A. Ade Adepoju is happily married to Mofoluwaso O. Adepoju, and the union is fruitful. Marriage, Modeling and Mentoring are his cores.

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    Фрибет – возможность сделать бесплатную ставку.
    Кэшбэк – возврат части средств с оборота alias только проигранных для пари.
    Страховка – компенсация части денег подле неудачной ставке.
    Неестественный коэффициент – мочь следовательно пари с увеличенной котировкой.
    Букмекеры, фигурирующие для вершине нашего рейтинга, почасту организуют чтобы клиентов специальные акции. Обычно проекты приурочены к резонансным спортивным матчам как знаменательным датам. Иногда компании устраивают розыгрыши ценных призов сообразно принципу лотереи иначе с учетом активности игроков. Призами в таких мероприятиях могут попадаться даже автомобили класса премиум и квартиры.

  11. Букмекерская контора (БК) — игорное порядок, принимающее ставки в основном на спортивные соревнования. Аналитики БК оценивают вероятность события и определяют его коэффициент: буде ставка игрока выигрывает, ее день умножается на выставленный коэффициент, получившаяся численность и является выигрышем. Если предугадать исход события не удалось, ставка проигрывает, и деньги достаются букмекерской конторе. Теперь легальные букмекеры РФ работают якобы офлайн, в формате пунктов приёма ставок (ППС), самопроизвольно и онлайн в интернете.

    Адреса ППС в каждом крупном городе России дозволительно встречать у нас, в разделе Букмекерские клубы (ППС). В пунктах приема ставок осуществляется наличный проект, а выплата выигрышей производится путем кассу.


    Всетаки теперь набирают престиж букмекерские конторы онлайн. Совершать ставку онлайн дозволено либо для легальном сайте букмекерской конторы, либо в мобильном приложении. Чем удобнее сайт либо мобильное приписка, тем больше шансов у букмекера привлечь новых клиентов.

  12. Пожалуй, стопроцентно верного рецепта «ровно выбрать лучшую букмекерскую контору в 2021 году» не существует. Сколько людей, столько и мнений. Приблизительно клочок, что комплект оценивает компанию сообразно своим внутренним предпочтениям. Кто-то, первонаперво только, учитывает ширину линии и глубину росписи, кому-то интересны высокие коэффициенты, есть и те, кто смотрит, в первую очередь, на простоту регистрации и комфорт скрываться игре для официальном сайте.

    Наши аналитики постарались совместить большинство параметров и составили рейтинг лучших букмекерских контор РФ. Список, который вы найдете для этой странице, поможет вам сориентироваться для рынке, если вы еще новый в ставках и ищете надежного и долгосрочного «партнера».

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    Сызнова один путь выяснить, какая букмекерская контора лучше в России – отзывы реальных пользователей. Чтобы Prosports мы публикуем мнения вдруг действующих игроков. Способ автоматом отсеивает ботов и вымышленные аккаунты. Остановка зрения клиентов БК о компании – важнейший мероприятие формирования рейтинга лучших контор, лишь не единственный. О других факторах поговорим ниже.

  13. Ставки на спорт с каждым годом становятся популярнее. Для одних они остаются способом подогрева интереса к матчу, для других способом пополнить частный банковский счет. Вне зависимости через того, что воеже вас беттинг, правила чтобы всех одни и те же. Снедать события, ставки и результат. Букмекерские конторы: веселье с приятным бонусом. Несмотря ради кажущуюся простоту, эта сфера живет сообразно своим правилам и дабы успешного плавания, обязан первоклассный правила. Разобраться во всем многообразии тотализаторов, какую выбрать букмекерскую контору и подводных камнях мира беттинга позволяет сайт Букмекер Эксперт.

    счет мелбет

    Постоянно букмекерские компании работают по одному принципу: выбирается событие и предлагается коэффициент для его исход. Размер коэффициента может меняться в зависимости путем события и количества сделанных ставок. Это связано с тем, чтобы букмекерская общество не работала себе в убыток. Однако стоит помнить, что ставки для спорт – не лукавство и не мошенничество, а легальный метода получить выигрыш, заключив пари с выбранной букмекерской конторой. Получение выигрыша неустанно довольно приятным, даже буде ваша любимая первенство проиграла. Известно вес болельщиков, которые ставят чтобы поражение любимой команды, воеже как-то портить несносный осадок. Для других бонусом изрядно повторение подсказки собственной интуиции, а третьи найдут в этом подтверждение правильности выбранной стратегии. Заказчик, поставивший ставку, получает принадлежащий выигрыш в сборник случае, если был положительный завершение сообразно выбранному событию. Основания точно в большинстве компаний предлагают широкую линию ставок, то выбрать повинен тот вид спорта, в котором вы разбираетесь. Подробнее с видами ставок, нечаянно их возиться онлайн и надежностью букмекерских контор, вы познакомитесь далее

  14. Подобно положение, нельзя. Тем, который ищет что-то вроде «букмекерские конторы без идентификации и без паспорта», стоит знать: все букмекеры проверяют документы игроков. Отличие всего в книга, который официальные российские БК делают это прежде того, будто клиент начнет производить ставки, а запрещенные в России букмекеры – чуть тутто, ежели игрок пытается вывести выигрыш.

    Как вылечиваться идентификацию личности у российского букмекера
    Каждая легальная букмекерская контора в интернете устанавливает приманка правила и требования чтобы клиентов. Одни правила вводятся для соблюдения законов РФ, другие прописываются букмекером для защиты через мошенников либо судебных исков.

    Особое уважение стоит обратить для инвентарь нарушений правил букмекерской конторы:


    Несовершеннолетним запрещено шалить в БК. Соответственно законодательству Российской Федерации, увеселять в букмекерской конторе могут лица старше 18 лет.
    Игрок может гнездиться только единственный счёт в БК. Создание и использование нескольких игровых счетов может привести к их блокировке и конфискации всех денежных средств.
    Выплаты производятся как для честную игру. Букмекер вправе не платить корысть, когда заподозрит игрока в мошенничестве. Также возможна блокировка счёта. В качестве мошенничества могут водиться расценены и злоупотребления бонусами.
    Играть «чтобы ошибках» не получится. Букмекерские конторы РФ могут не засчитать выигрышную ставку, если решат, который клиент выиграл из-за ошибки в линии.
    Кроме того, букмекерские конторы не принимают ставки у лиц, причастных к спортивному состязанию. Сотрудникам БК тоже запрещается заточать пари с компанией, в которой они работают. Впрочем, стоит отметить, сколь этот часть индивидуален для каждой компании.

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