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#EndSars: FG, Stand Down

For the records, please.

The presidency does NOT need to interface with any protest frontliner before acting on those simple demands. All Nigerians are frontliners. It is very sad that they could cook up such incoherence as excuse for their deliberate inaction.

Major points of demand by the agitators:

*Reform the police. Stipulate points of action and timelines. With the recent activities against the protesters, it’s glaring they are (as usual) merely deceiving Nigerians or applying cosmetics on the sore infested face of Nigeria Police;

*High rate of insecurity. Nigerians have spoken with one voice that the security chiefs have grossly underperformed. Change them. And be less sectional in your selection of replacements. #KillNepotism

*National Assembly has become a drainage pipe. The senate president is yet to discredit the attached statement of his account with UBA. How can one person be collecting up to N100million in one month? The entries for August 2016 amounted to N600m! Ahmed Lawan was not even the senate president then. Which means the likes of Abubakar Bukola Saraki, Ike Ekweremadu, and other members of the national assembly past and present have fed too fat on us. The figures are eye bulging. WARNING: if you do not have the mind, don’t go through the figures. Do not sày I did not fore warn.

*HEALTH: what protest frontliners do our leaders need before they fix our hospitals? Even President Muhammadu Buhari and family have no faith in out health care system and he’s been the president for 5 years! The current health minister knew very little about the welfare of our health workers and didn’t even care until our hues and cries few months ago. Any improvement yet? Cannot see any. Do you still believe government is in need of some inexistent frontliners to discuss with?

Infant mortality is still high, and access to health care a luxury. Cancer patients in Nigeria have little hope of survival even at early stage detection. The cost of a CT scan ranges from N40k-N60k. A cancer patient will need to do several before, during and after treatment. Let me not enumerate other costs which run into millions. 97.5% of cancer patients in Nigeria cannot afford such humongous sum. Yours truly can tell a personal story to buttress that, another day.

What about other minor ailments? Visit our hospitals. The hopelessness and fear on the faces of patients awaiting attention almost fruitlessly will send chills down your spine.

*Effective Governance: we demand devolution of power for effective and transparent governance.

*What about our schools? How many of these THIEVING leaders have their kids in local schools?

The “jail break” and chaos in Edo State, Abuja and pockets of places were badly written Nollywood scripts. The Edo jail break was even beyond a comedy, it was a farce. The runaway prisoners wore fine clothes, ornaments and one even had a fine travel bag as if returning from London. Where were the warders??? Ask the script writers. They were obviously high on weed while hatching the plot. Hilarious. Mark Angel and Emmanuella should refresh more and think outside the box to come up with an outrageously ridiculous skit like that! It is also only in Nigeria that the police give thugs cover and expose peaceful protesters to fatal attacks.

What we all demand is GOOD GOVERNANCE.

Looking for who to arm twist, hoodwink or compromise is cowardly and abhorrent. We know you are all scared and can go to any length to suppress these progressive agitations for fear of your entrenched interests, also knowing the billions of naira you have gulped, the institutionalized corruption and criminality will be exposed.

Just give us good governance and your old sins will be forgiven. Ask Goodluck Jonathan. That timely act of sound discretion has made him the darling of the world. Nigerians are like kids. We don’t ask for too much and we forgive easily. Just live up to your responsibility. Stop cowering!

#EndSars #ReformNigerianPolice #SafeNigeria #GoodGovernanceNigeria #ReformNigeria #NigeriansAreBeautiful #NigerianYouthsAreNotLazy #GodBlessNigeria

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