Iheamachukwu IKWUAGWU. Passionate for God, he lectures at the Akwa-Ibom State University, South-South Nigeria.
Iheamachukwu IKWUAGWU. Passionate for God, he lectures at the Akwa-Ibom State University, South-South, Nigeria.

Many weeks ago, I was having a chat with a church member (who’s also a car freak), and that led me to bring back my car blog (I abandoned it for lack of traffic, not content, for 3 years). He mentioned something striking in the conversation; let me quote him verbatim

“A true Christian is like a sports car or a hypercar. There is a certain level of relationship with, that for you to enter, you have to shed away all unnecessary weight like fake friends, distractions and all that”.

“Same goes to a hyper car or a super car. To be able to acquire such a speed that makes it a super car, it needs to be light”. “And why are most sports cars just two doors?” “It means that there is a certain level of success you will reach that your number of true friends will drastically reduce to two or just one”…

One bible verse comes to mind here, Hebrews 12:1: “Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles.”

Since I saw the trailer for the movie Furious7 in 2014, I had been wondering how they made a bulletproof version of the Lykan fly. Or was it all video editing? In my research, I came across an interview with the producer of the movie. Let me shock you… yes, the car actually flew. Not in Dubai, but in a controlled environment in the U.S, across 3 buildings. But not at the height we saw in the movie. But many things went into that. The material for the body was replaced with a lighter one. The engine was replaced with a smaller one. They virtually did away with “dead weight”.

Weights allow you to move, but not as fast as you should. So at times, we don’t notice.
Lose some weight today and gain momentum in the Spirit. Jesus is your mark, your standard, your true picture… Whatever isn’t in Him shouldn’t be in you.

Lose such things ‪#‎selah

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