You could hear the huge sighs of relief from across many oceans, all the way from God’s own country and among many hitherto pondering world super nations. If you had cared enough to momentarily stay still and pay heed, that is.

Hillary Clinton just won the US Democrats’ presidential nomination. A first by any United States woman in history, against a thoroughly loquacious, self-assured, reckless talking, and openly racist Republican Presidential candidate, billionaire Donald Trump. Such stiff ascription of Trump? Not by me. Donald had it all carved by himself, and for himself!

I am not a thorough fan of Hillary Clinton. Like the recent scenario in Nigeria, United States of America must now make a choice between spontaneous cowboy Trump and the more presidential and diplomatic Hillary Clinton. A coin has just two sides. One side always wins.

Good luck America! Make your pick and pray to God you land safely.

Below are headline pieces from Washington Post and The Boston Globe. While Hillary still basks in the elation of her famous win (and now garnering more supporters), Donald Trump seems to be losing the confidence within his own party too suddenly.

My name remains Daniel Ikwuagwu.

Please read.

Hillary Clinton

WASHINTON POST, by Anne Gearan, Robert Costa, and John Wagner, NEW YORK — Hillary Clinton laid claim to the Democratic presidential nomination Tuesday night, making a full pivot to a nasty general-election fight against Donald Trump as she prevailed in a vigorously contested primary in California against Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Clinton, the first woman chosen as the standard-bearer of a major American political party, celebrated the occasion with a forward-looking address to supporters in Brooklyn, not far from her campaign headquarters and just a few miles from New Jersey — where she defeated Sanders in the first of six states voting Tuesday.

Although Clinton unofficially clinched the nomination the previous evening, she embraced the historic nature of her bid at her victory celebration Tuesday, debuting a video that placed her within the tradition of “women of the world who have blazed new paths.”

Basking in a moment eight years in the making, Clinton took the stage with her hands clasped to her heart as supporters cheered and screamed. She took her time walking through the crowd to the lectern, shaking the hands of her exuberant supporters.

“Thanks to you, we’ve reached a milestone, the first time in our nation’s history that a woman will be a major party’s nominee,” Clinton said. “Tonight’s victory is not about one person — it belongs to generations of women and men who struggled and sacrificed and made this moment possible.”

Clinton won easily in the New Jersey primary and held off a robust challenge from Sanders in California, the nation’s most populous state, where voters also had their say Tuesday.

Clinton had sought to avert a loss there with nearly a week of intensive campaigning. As the country’s most diverse state, and a wellspring of Democratic support and campaign cash, California was a symbolic but important final test of Clinton’s strength as a communicator and candidate.

The contests in the six states came on a busy day following Clinton’s abrupt clinching of the nomination Monday night because of a revised delegate count by the Associated Press.

In the wake of that milestone, party elders, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.), stepped up efforts to unify Democrats for the fall, and a spokesman for President Obama indicated that he was eager to help broker peace between Clinton and Sanders and start campaigning for the party’s nominee. Obama called both candidates Tuesday night and will meet with Sanders on Thursday, the White House said late Tuesday.

“Bernie knows better than anyone what’s on the line in the election and that we at some point have to unify as we go forward,” Pelosi said in an interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” “He wants to influence the platform. I think that’s fine.”

During her remarks Tuesday night, Clinton offered a grace note to Sanders and to his supporters watching her speech. “I know it never feels good to put your heart into a cause or a candidate you believe in and come up short. I know that feeling well.”

She said Sanders and the “vigorous debate we’ve had” have been “very good for the Democratic Party and for America.”

Sanders was scheduled to fly home to Burlington, Vt., on Wednesday and had already planned to be in Washington on Thursday for a rally, five days ahead of the final primary of the year in the nation’s capital.

Many of Sanders’s supporters view Clinton suspiciously, as part of the political establishment that the senator railed against during his campaign. Some have vowed to sit out the general election or write in Sanders’s name on the ballot. They include many young voters who could be an important bloc for Clinton in November.

During a raucous late-night rally in Santa Monica, Sanders acknowledged that the battle ahead would be “very steep” but he pledged to “continue to fight” for every vote and delegate, including in next week’s primary in Washington.

“We are going to fight hard to win the primary in Washington D.C. and then we take our fight for social, economic, racial and environmental justice to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,” Sanders said, referring to the site of the Democratic convention in late July.

A crowd of more than 3,300 erupted when Sanders took the stage, and he was greeted by sustained cheers that lasted more than two minutes.

He exited in dramatic fashion, his voice rising as blue “Bernie” signs waved in the air.

“Thank you all,” he said. “The struggle continues!”

On Wednesday, the Sanders campaign plans to part ways with many staffers, in particular people who work on advance and field operations, according to an aide familiar with internal discussions. The aide framed the departures as an expected shrinking of personnel following the end of the major primaries, with only Washington left on the calendar.

The nomination was a prize that slipped through Clinton’s fingers eight years ago and for which she had to battle this time against another unexpectedly potent primary challenger. The difficulty she had in vanquishing Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist whose ideas captivated a large swath of the Democratic electorate, underscored weaknesses she carries into the fall contest against Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee.

Trump held an election-night news conference Tuesday, seeking to reset his campaign after a troublesome stretch, including roiling controversy over his assertions that a federal judge overseeing lawsuits against Trump University should have recused himself because of his Mexican heritage.

In remarks at his golf resort in Briarcliff Manor, N.Y., Trump said that Clinton had perfected the “politics of personal enrichment” during her time in public life, accusing her of turning the State Department into her “private hedge fund.” He pledged to deliver a “major” speech as early as Monday on “all of the things that have taken place with the Clintons.”

Trump also sought to reach out to Sanders’s backers, calling the election system “rigged” and asserting that he would be more in line with their views on “terrible trade deals” than Clinton.

“We welcome you with open arms,” he told Sanders supporters.

Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, brushed off Trump’s promise to relitigate Clinton’s past controversies.

“I don’t think that the American public wants to relive the charges that he’s throwing out,” he said on MSNBC after Trump spoke.

Tuesday’s primaries were somewhat anticlimactic, given the AP’s tally Monday of Clinton’s support among superdelegates — the elected officials and other party elites whose convention votes are not bound by the primary results in their states. The AP count showed her reaching 2,383 pledged delegates and superdelegates, the exact number she needs to clinch the nomination.

Besides New Jersey and California, Democrats also held primaries and caucuses Tuesday in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and New Mexico — all states with relatively few delegates at stake.

Sanders won the North Dakota caucuses and Montana primary, while Clinton won in California, New Jersey, New Mexico and South Dakota, according to the Associated Press.

Clinton spoke inside a huge hall at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Although it is called the Duggal Greenhouse, the building more closely resembles an airplane hangar. Nineteen flags flanked Clinton’s lectern, which was positioned in front of risers filled with supporters.

Hundreds more backers stood shoulder to shoulder on the concrete floor, some holding aloft tiny American flags.

Clinton will formally claim the mantle of Democratic nominee at the party’s convention in late July in Philadelphia.

With Tuesday’s results, she was expected to secure a majority of the Democratic Party’s pledged delegates, those awarded on the basis of primary and caucus results. Thus, the only remaining way for Sanders to win the nomination is to persuade superdelegates to effectively overturn the will of the voters.

Sanders has argued that one reason they should consider doing so is that polls have shown him beating Trump in the fall by larger margins than Clinton would.

Though Sanders has vowed to soldier on to the convention — and compete in the primary next Tuesday in the District — he faces a hard sell to the delegates he is trying to persuade.

Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.), the one sitting senator who has endorsed Sanders, said in an interview Tuesday that it was important to allow the remaining six states and the District of Columbia to cast ballots before declaring a presumptive Democratic nominee. But he added that just as Obama and Clinton saw “the lay of the land” in 2008 after all the primary voters cast their ballots, “we’ll soon be able to see the parts of the party work together to unite.”

“I think we’ll be absolutely united in making sure the self-promoting huckster named Donald Trump never becomes president of the United States,” he said, adding that Clinton should learn from Sanders’s connection with voters.

During his remarks in Santa Monica, Sanders mentioned that he had a “kind call” with Obama earlier Tuesday and said he “looks forward to working with him to move this country forward” once they meet Thursday in Washington. Sanders said he also had a “very gracious call” from Clinton and congratulated her on her victories.

Boos echoed throughout the venue at the mention of Clinton’s name. Sanders did not shush them and plowed forward with his remarks

Tuesday marked the anniversary of the day eight years ago when Clinton conceded the Democratic nomination to then-Sen. Obama. The president could endorse Clinton as soon as this week, not waiting for the Democratic convention, according to White House press secretary Josh Earnest.

Speaking to reporters Tuesday, Earnest said that out of respect for the ongoing voting, “I’m not going to declare a winner from here.” But he emphasized that Obama intends “to make his voice heard in coming together” behind the presumptive nominee and plans to play a role in brokering a rapprochement between the two candidates.

He added that Obama’s endorsement could influence Republicans, not just Democrats, given his 7½ years in the job. “The president is an important validator.”

Clinton’s gender is certain to factor into the general election in multiple ways. She has embraced it much more than in her last presidential run, rebutting criticism from Trump that she is “playing the gender card” by saying she is proud of the phrase if it means working to champion women and families.

“I know we’ve never done this before,” she said at a recent campaign event in Fresno, Calif. “We’ve never had a woman president.”

Clinton reminded her listeners that she had been a U.S. senator for eight years, serving on the Armed Services Committee, before becoming secretary of state. Although she was speaking to supporters, she was offering a kind of reassurance about a female commander in chief that she is likely to repeat as she campaigns against Trump.

Ahead of her address Tuesday, Clinton sent this Twitter message:

“To every little girl who dreams big: Yes, you can be anything you want — even president. Tonight is for you.”

Her tweet was signed “H” to denote that she, as opposed to a campaign aide, had written it.

donald trump
Donald Trump

THE BOSTON GLOBE, by Matt Viser. WASHINGTON — It made for a striking contrast — and one that is giving Republicans more cause to worry about their chances in November.

As Hillary Clinton made history Tuesday by claiming the title of presumptive nominee in the Democratic presidential contest, prominent Republicans denounced their own nominee and publicly debated whether he harbors racist views.

Donald Trump, who previously had shown a masterful ability to deflect controversies that would have sunk most candidates, has struggled to move beyond condemnations of his racially tainted comments about the federal judge who is hearing a civil fraud case against Trump University.

Top Republicans in Congress openly challenged his remarks Tuesday. Conservatives, moderates, and evangelicals alike backed away from him. And Trump continued to display combativeness when reconciliation and contrition may have been wiser choices.

So much for party unity.

The spectacle swirling around Trump Tuesday continued just as the more disciplined and organized Clinton appeared to be finally consolidating strength for the general election ahead.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, less than a week after he reluctantly endorsed Trump’s campaign, faced questions about Trump’s repeated, unsubstantiated assertions that Judge Gonzalo Curiel, born in Indiana and of Mexican descent, was biased against Trump because of Trump’s proposal to build a wall on the Mexican border.

“Claiming a person can’t do their job because of their race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment,” Ryan told reporters Tuesday, setting the tone of a day of blistering criticism.

In a maneuver that symbolized how the broader Republican Party is trying to accommodate Trump and his outspoken views on Mexicans, Muslims, and women, Ryan later told Fox News that while Trump’s comments were racist, he does not consider Trump racist. And he would still vote for him.

In the Senate, majority leader Mitch McConnell offered his own stern advice for Trump: “My advice to our nominee would be to start talking about the issues that the American people care about — and to start doing it now.”

“It’s time to quit attacking various people that you competed with or various minority groups in the country and get on message,” he added. “We’re all anxious to see what he may say next.”

Several hours later, Trump released a 701-word statement in which he expressed a desire to move on from the current flap, even while refusing to back down.

“It is unfortunate that my comments have been misconstrued as a categorical attack against people of Mexican heritage,” read the statement. “I am friends with and employ thousands of people of Mexican and Hispanic descent. The American justice system relies on fair and impartial judges. All judges should be held to that standard.”

“I do not feel that one’s heritage makes them incapable of being impartial,” he continued. “But, based on the rulings that I have received in the Trump University civil case, I feel justified in questioning whether I am receiving a fair trial.”

Trump added that, “I do not intend to comment on this matter any further.”

Tuesday night, during remarks on at Trump National Golf Club Westchester, Trump never referred to his controversial remarks and instead tried to put more of a polish on his demeanor.

“People say I’m too much of a fighter. My preference is peace, however,” he said. “I’m not a politician fighting. I’m me. You’re gonna see some real good things happen.”

His remarks — read from a teleprompter, in a sign that he may be trying to become more disciplined — highlighted his desire to bounce back from the worst stretch of his campaign.

“I understand the responsibility of carrying the mantle, and I will never, ever let you down,” he said. “I will make you proud of your party and our movement, and that’s what it is, a movement.”

With Clinton mired in her primary fight against Bernie Sanders, Trump defeated the last of his opponents weeks ago and had a 34-day head start on the job of unifying his party. Initially, Trump had some success, earning key endorsements after a Capitol Hill charm-fest. He established a joint fundraising agreement with the Republican National Committee and began adding key staff.

But the benefits of that head start evaporated in the last week.

One of his greatest strengths — his outsider’s refusal to adapt to the norms of political campaigning — is also a liability. And anyone expecting Trump to fundamentally change his ways may be disappointed: Trump, after all, wrote in his 1987 book that he punched his second-grade music teacher because he didn’t think the teacher knew enough about music.

Many Republicans are now running away from their nominee, rather than embracing him. Senator Marco Rubio said Tuesday that if he speaks at the GOP convention in July, he will not be speaking on Trump’s behalf. And he may not speak at all. Senator Mark Kirk, an Illinois Republican, said on Tuesday that he was revoking his prior support for Trump.

One of Trump’s former rivals, Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, said he could not vote for him, either. He withdrew his earlier endorsement and called on other Republicans to do the same. He also accused Trump of “playing the race card.”

“If he continues this line of attack then I think people really need to reconsider the future of the party,” Graham said on CNN.

Bill Kristol, the conservative commentator who has tried unsuccessfully to recruit an anti-Trump candidate to run, appeared to mock his fellow Republicans on Twitter: “Official position of the leadership of the Republican Party: Trump is an inexcusable bigot, and Trump must be our next president.”

Some of Trump’s allies fought back. One Trump supporter – CNN contributor Jeffrey Lord – said that Ryan, the House speaker, was the one who “is now supporting identity politics, which is racist.” Another pointed fingers at the White House.

“You can easily argue that the President of the United States is a racist with his policies and his rhetoric,” Representative Lee Zeldin, a Republican from New York, said on CNN.

Trump on Tuesday night also began turning toward Clinton, attacking her over her use of a private e-mail server while Secretary of State and saying, without evidence, that she had kept them private them in order to hide her “corrupt dealings.”

“The Clintons have turned the politics of personal enrichment into an art form for themselves,” he said.

He then said that he planned to give a speech focused on the Clintons next week.

“I wonder if the press will want to attend?” he wondered aloud.

Daniel Ikwuagwu

A Christian. Conditioned to Create.

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    Теперь для рынке беттинга работают два десятка контор. Однако число граждан, превративших ставки для спорт в излюбленное хобби, растет в геометрической прогрессии. Стоит предположить, что со временем в стране будут являться новые БК. Они, конечно же, займут достойное край в нашем рейтинге.

  11. Не менее важным фактором выбора БК является внутренняя достоинство, используемая для ставок. Используя интернет букмекерские конторы могут активно разгораться в разных странах, а не единственно в той, в которой она зарегистрирована. Идеальным вариантом чтобы пользователя, баста тот, буде БК использует валюту, которой заборщик пользуется в повседневной жизни. В противном случае отруби денег довольно теряться быть конвертации валюты неожиданно почти пополнении депозита, независимо и присутствие выводе денег. Стоит отметить, какой род вывода денег и пополнения также играет большую роль. Перед тем, лишь начать иметь услугами БК должен подробно выучить способы работы с внутренним счетом.

    стратегии ставок на тоталы в настольном теннисе

    В большинстве совершенно букмекерские конторы предлагают одинаковые условия пополнения: банковская карта, электронные кошельки и другие способы. Помимо этого, гордо выучить внутренние правила платежных систем, беспричинно как здесь могут сообщаться комиссии, который скажется для сумме вывода. Большинство пользователей большое почтение уделяют скорости вывода денег на субъективный счет и здесь даже и самых надежных компаний могут водиться разные цифры. Одни позволяют получить аржаны помощью довольно минут, другие в аллюр нескольких дней. Именно в этом разделе чаще всего возникают споры, так как пользователи думают, который их обманывают и лишают честно заработанных денег. Сроки вывода денег прописаны в пользовательском соглашение, которое стоит прочитать, а не просто поставить галочку, что с ним ознакомлены. Также гордо встарь испытывать, позволяет ли БК уничтожать аржаны без идентификации alias потребуется прохождение регистрации в ЦУПИС.

  12. Плавно мы подошли к самому приятному разделу не только толкать выборе букмекерской конторы, но и жизни в целом. Большое уважение быть выборе магазинов мы уделяем бонусам и акциям. Но в сфере ставок на спорт некоторый относятся негативно к бонусам, так действительно считают их способом заманивания или огулом бесполезными. Связано это с тем, кто отдельный бонус имеет магнит условия:


    Такая влияние связана с тем, что бонусы и акции не соответствуют манере спектакль чтобы некоторых пользователей, в то дата как для других они не являются проблемой. Примерно, ради получения бонуса терпеть собрать экспресс разве выбрать событие с минимальным коэффициентом 2,1, а пользователь отроду не ставит выше 1,5, то ради него бонус будет бесполезным. Как ради других он будет полезным и может стать фактором большого выигрыша. Еще одним способом поддержания активных игроков является прейскурант лояльности. В данном случае чтобы ваш лицевой счет начисляет барыш через общего выигрыша alias общей суммы депозита ради прежний месяц. Естественно, такая инвентарь нацелена только ради активных игроков и не подходит для пользователей, которые ставят исключительно ради зрелище любимой команды. Стоит отметить, сколько некий недобросовестные компании используют привлекательные условия сообразно бонусам, дабы привлечь новых пользователей. В этом случае надо большое рвение уделить надежности букмекерской компании. Выбирая букмекерскую контору, важно изучать бонусную программу и спеться на нее только быть условии, который она подходит вашей манере игры. В противном случае благоустроенный дорога заработка приведет к печальным последствиям. Популярные БК используют собственные инструменты для поощрения активных игроков и новичков, только самыми популярными и эффективными бонусами остаются размножение депозита и получение фрибета (бесплатной ставки, в случае выигрыша вы получаете приз с вычетом суммы фрибета).

  13. Каждая букмекерская контора устанавливает приманка правила игры. Обычно ареопаг регистрации конгломерат просит прочитать рациональный документ и дать согласие с его содержимым. К сожалению, маломальский пользователи ставят галочку в чекбоксе и даже не открывают файл. Это безрассудно, потому сколь в случае возникновения конфликтной ситуации вы не сможете оспорить свою точку зрения, если контора предупреждала вас прежде о «недопустимости определенных действий» сиречь «сколь БК оставляет сила изза собой».

    Следственно мы рекомендуем постоянно внимательно связываться с правилами игры чтобы ставках. Это реально помогает избежать недоразумений в дальнейшем.

    скачать фонбет ios

    Или уже было приказывать, у всех компаний домашний свадьба правил. Впрочем есть и общие моменты, для которые стоит осуществлять акцент:

    легальные БК регистрируют один совершеннолетних граждан. Чтобы этого и существует обязательная идентификация и верификация документов, в ходе которой букмекер проверяет, что вы – настоящий прислуга и вам исполнилось 18 лет.
    российские беттинговые операторы, работающие единственно в интернете, часто создают учетную запись только гражданам РФ. Резиденты других стран могут достойный клиентами БК, будто лично подтвердят законность проживания в стране в наземном пункте приема ставок (ППС), предъявив сотруднику компании паспорт и другие соответствующие документы.
    легальные конторы заключают пари на реальные пустое только в российских рублях.
    правила компании ни в коем случае не противоречат положениям федерального законодательства относительный азартных играх и ставках для спорт онлайн.

  14. Получая постоянные жалобы игроков для недобросовестных букмекеров, мы решили создать лучший рейтинг букмекерских сайтов. Хотелось исполнять что-то особенное и полезное дабы сферы ставок – качественный и уникальный в своем роде букмекерский рейтинг, порядочный и нелицеприятный, присутствие этом максимально простой и понятный.


    Требования к интернет букмекерам у начинающих игроков и опытных беттеров обычно различаются. В частности, для профессионала очень презрительно лояльное известие к одинаковый выигрывающим игрокам и высокие лимиты ставок, новички же больше обращают внимание для комфорт интерфейса и наличие бонусов, стало выше рейтинг бк является универсальным приговор и подойдет каждому игроку.

  15. Букмекерская контора (БК) — игорное заведение, принимающее ставки в основном для спортивные соревнования. Аналитики БК оценивают вероятность события и определяют его коэффициент: ежели ставка игрока выигрывает, ее скопление умножается ради выставленный коэффициент, получившаяся собрание и является выигрышем. Коли предугадать развязка события не удалось, ставка проигрывает, и монета достаются букмекерской конторе. Днесь легальные букмекеры РФ работают опрятный офлайн, в формате пунктов приёма ставок (ППС), самопроизвольно и онлайн в интернете.

    Адреса ППС в каждом крупном городе России дозволено встречать у нас, в разделе Букмекерские клубы (ППС). В пунктах приема ставок осуществляется наличный проект, а выплата выигрышей производится через кассу.


    Всетаки немедленно набирают слава букмекерские конторы онлайн. Совершать ставку онлайн позволительно либо ради легальном сайте букмекерской конторы, либо в мобильном приложении. Чем удобнее сайт тож мобильное приложение, тем больше шансов у букмекера привлечь новых клиентов.

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