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This matter could not have been put any better. Well, as far as I’m concerned, that is. It’s a note by my brother MAZINO OBARO IKIME. I plucked it from his Facebook wall this morning. It definitely will not end the argument or the debate, but it is as reasoned as it is enlightening, without an attempt to battle it down.

I don’t normally engage in matters pertaining to faith on Facebook. I believe that each should be left to his own, except I am so led, I face my business.

However, I would like to make a few points arising from some posts I read on my friend’s threads.

There is this position which suggests that religion dulls the mind, none progressive, and a retardant to progress. I don’t buy into that idea. But maybe I should make a little clarification.

Christianity is not a religion, it is a way of life. If you want to debate that, I can’t stop you. But that is how I view it and try to live it. I will also say that I fall short in many departments. I don’t know enough about Islam to comment on its precepts.

If you truly study the Bible, you will not see ANY scripture that encourages slothfulness. You cannot truly dig into the Bible and be stupid. But if you do profess to be a follower after Christ and you are lazy in the study of that MANUAL OF LIFE, and in your prayer life, you could find yourself being manipulated by certain types of “Pastors.”

Before anyone starts to say…you see! Let it be known that anything which requires that man be a vehicle through which aspects of its actualization are met, there can be and there sometimes is corruption. Why? Because man is weak, inherently selfish and self-seeking. We need the intervention of the Holy Spirit to break those yokes! But intervention only comes through yielding! That’s the way it is with Jehovah. He has granted us a will to be able to make choices. Don’t ask me why? He is Sovereign and does not need the validation of any man!

There is this concept of a Blond Haired and Blue Eyed Jesus. Let me say this. No true Christian worships a picture Or an image! We worship in Spirit and in Truth. We connect with God the Holy Spirit through our Spirits, so it matters little what the artists have rendered. We don’t connect to God on the basis of Jesus Christ supposedly being an “oyibo.” That’s a misnomer that most non-believers have. They hinge their arguments on that and say we worship an OYIBO God! Nothing could be further from the truth!

If these two Mid-Eastern faiths we have embraced are so retrogressive, why is it that the countries that brought them to us, are not like us? The problem is not with Christianity or Islam, it is with US! It has to do with the inherent nature of man, which I enumerated above and the way we have evolved as a people.

Over ninety percent of our political leaders at the Centre have been Muslims. Those of them who have stolen us blind, have done so, not because they are MUSLIM, but because they are myopic men! MEN first before being adherents to any faith! That is the TRUTH!

The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are not thriving because of their religion, but because there are men of some Vision there, even in a theocratic state like Saudi Arabia! The people are of consequence to the leaders and it shows in their well-being. It is about MEN! Not about religion or faith. We just got it wrong here whether we process Islam or Christianity. Worse still, we have decided to perpetuate wrong doing!

Our hearts are not tuned to the things we profess with our mouths, because we don’t hold them dear in our hearts! That to me is the bottom line! This piece probably won’t change the mindsets of those who want to bash Christianity or Islam as being Interlopers in our developmental process, but I just felt the need to speak about these things.

Talking from a Christian stand point, if your faith is hinged on Sunday to Sunday Ministration alone, it is very likely that you will be weak and easy to mislead. You must seek out the truth for yourself and because no man has a monopoly of spiritual things, we seek each other out in fellowship, to be further enriched. That to me is the essence of what the Bible calls the CONGREGATION OF SAINTS!

There is a SPIRITUAL aspect to this thing. If you don’t have it, you cannot understand it. It’s really that simple. I don’t argue these things because I sense that from the get go, our precepts are different and diametrically opposed. But I always tell people I have seen and tasted of the efficacy of prayer and the manifestation of God’s hand and power. No one can debate that with me or dissuade me from what I know. This is why I often say…. Each to his own!



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