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Beyond The Mask raises the bar for Christian movies and brings a faith-based film storming into the action/adventure genre; a genre that has been lacking in Christian movies.

Beyond The Mask is a faith-based historical action adventure film set in 1776 during the American revolution, it follows Will Reynolds (Andrew Cheney) an assassin for the British East India Company has been double-crossed by his boss (John Rhys-Davies) and is now on the run from England to the American colonies to redeem his name and win back the heart of Charlotte (Kara Killmer) who he hasn’t been truthful with about his identity.

This is one of the best films that I have seen for a while, and definitely one of the best Christian films. Beyond The Mask is compelling and gripping and right from the start the suspense begins, at times throughout the film I was on the edge of my seat, it is full of action with many twists and turns coupled with humour and romance.

The production quality is fantastic and again raises the bar for special effects in Christian films, the period settings and costumes look great, visually this film is outstanding and alongside a complementary soundtrack which builds and fits to the film.

The redemption theme that is weaved through the film has been written well, it isn’t preachy or in your face, it feels natural and progresses well to a defining moment of knowing that Christ is the only way to true freedom. Perfect for taking your friends along to, which may prompt them to know more or even start a discussion.

Beyond The Mask is an enjoyable action/adventure historical film that brings the message that true freedom is found in Jesus, along with top quality production you would think that this film could have come out of a major Hollywood studio, but has in fact been made by the independent Burns Family Studios.

Beyond The Mask is a must see film.



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