Kingsley Odoh
Kingsley Odoh

Good day good people.

Last week must have been a great and rewarding one. I need to ask you; are you working on your plans? You must work your plans daily. It is the only way. The Bible says “show me a man diligent in his ways, he will not dine with mere men but with Kings.”

I trust you have a goal that you are daily working towards. If you have no goal or some destination you are working towards, kindly take time to set some goals for your life. Once this is done, daily work the plans and this will gradually gravitate you towards your end goals. Success is inevitable to a man that daily works on his plans. Please note that any time is the right time. It is never too late. I wish you success and favours as you work your plans in Jesus Name.

Today, we shall take a moment to reflect on passion.

Passion is one ingredient we need in our lives to fuel our efforts and works towards our desires and dreams. You can have all the goals set and daily dream, but if you lack passion, you may just be merely dreaming and not arrive at your set destination at the set time. Your ability to face the monsters on your way, your resolve to confront the dragons on your path and the fighting spirit to win, and more, are the differentiating factors between a loser and a winner. You will surely meet an obstacle, a road block, a challenge or a totally distracting situation, passion makes a way. Trust me, nothing good comes easy and there is no free lunch.

Passion is something we all need if we must arrive at our destination. We must be passionate about what we do and where we are headed. Passion is a critical success virtue. We all need it.

What are your dreams and aspirations? Take a moment to reflect. Passion, mixed with other qualities will make you reach your set goals. Be passionate about what you do. Let your passion activate the innate resilience and optimism in you. When all fail, let your passion about your goals and dream not fail.

I pray for you that your passion will drive you towards your profitable goals.
Have a great week and remain profitable.

Kingsley Odoh

Kingsley Odoh is an entrepreneur, gospel singer, and publisher of Contemporary Christian Lifestyle Magazine. He writes from Lagos, Nigeria.

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