BE AN APP PART 2: How Relevant Is The Church Today?

Iheamachukwu IKWUAGWU. Passionate for God, he lectures at the Akwa-Ibom State University, South-South Nigeria.
Iheamachukwu IKWUAGWU. Passionate for God, he lectures at the Akwa-Ibom State University, Uyo, Nigeria.

Let us take a fast run down the path of history. There were four waves of the influx of the west into Africa. Firstly, we had the adventurers… they came in search of ‘new lands’ and discovered land, peoples and natural artifacts (that already existed). For example; Mungo Park ‘discovered’ something great- the confluence of Rivers Niger and Benue. What a discovery?!

Then, the merchants… the ruthless business men who would trade in anything- including their fellow humans. Afterwards, the ‘governments’… they came as representatives of their Kings, Queens or whatever appellations their leaders were called. They came to extend their kingdoms to Africa. And they did that forcefully also. They turned nations to colonies and changed the political and social structures of the African societies. Later, the missionaries came in. They came with a new religion/belief system, schools, better healthcare, etc. They came to give, and they gave generously. Some abandoned their families, dreams of marriage, good lives, and comfort and came to Africa. Imagine if the Church came first.

The missionaries did their best; their very best. And handed over the work of missions to us (the indigenes and benefactors). Hundreds of years after, what is the Church still doing? Are we still bringing religion, schools, healthcare and so on? Those things were needed then, are they relevant today? The needs of society have changed over the years. Has the Church metamorphosed to attack these current needs?

From hence, when I say “The Church”, I mean the believer in Christ. Take some time to recall all you read in the first issue. If you cannot, recall the basics- the transformation of computers and the emergence of apps. Apps need to be updated to meet up to the current demands of their host Operating System (O.S). The Church is in a hostile O.S (the world). And if we (the Church) see ourselves as Apps, we also need to update ourselves to solve the current problems/demands of society; or we would become obsolete. The problems/demands of 2016 are not the same as 1716… doing what the missionaries did then would not cut it today. It worked then, is it working now? How is the Church responding to current needs, like- the wreck on the sanctity of the family system? Global warming? AIDS? Ebola? Lassa fever? Environmental degradation? Racism? Global Economic crises? Wars? It’s an endless rant of needs if you observe. Dear Church, see yourself as an App. Find a current problem and solve it… or become extinct. Selah.

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