By Roland Ray KANGONG | South Africa

In the journey of life, diverse approaches to achieving chosen desires exist. These approaches are governed by underlying principles. The principles may be intangible, at the same time they are tangible because when you apply them, the successful outcome will be visible to all. Without the application of these principles in your chosen activity in life, attaining success are usually difficult and elusive.

To succeed in your chosen activity or career, certain ways of thinking, speaking and acting are necessary. They always determine your success or failure at achieving your heart’s desire. Truth is, people are born, they live and then die. Some succeed in their lifetimes to ‘become’ who they were born to be if they walk the right paths and take advantage of life’s success principles; sadly, many do not. Ironically, those who fail to live their God-ordained lives are always busy walking the wrong paths or walking the right paths but failing to take advantage of life’s success principles. The late Dr Myles Munroe used to say the cemetery is filled with dead people who took books, paintings, music, inventions, tech innovations etc. to the grave because they failed to recognize, accept and make use of their gifts in conjunction with these simple principles (such as discipline, perseverance, persistence, patience, hard work and so on).

Today I want us to talk about one of the success principles: discipline. Discipline is generally construed as an act of following some prescribed manner of conduct, behavioral pattern or adhering to rules that govern performing an activity.

Look at this: whatever you think, say or do, is there discipline? Notice that three things are involved here: thoughts, spoken words and actions. I call them forces. Your thoughts, words and actions are forces, powerful enough to propel you to wherever you desire to be in life. So, are you disciplined in your thoughts, spoken words and actions? In some of my previous articles posted in this blog, I touched on these very important forces that control the day to day existence and functioning of men, women, boys and girls. We will look at the forces in turn. Let’s start with your thoughts or your thinking.

Are you disciplined in your thinking? Have you ever taken a moment to question your thoughts and monitor what you are thinking about? How can you, for instance, desire to succeed in life, or say that you are going to be successful, yet in your thoughts all you ‘see’ is how broke you are? You cannot in your mind’s eyes see a poor guy, think thoughts of poverty, see yourself as useless in life, feel frustrated because you are unable to achieve your so-called dreams, entertain thoughts of shame and self-pity and yet, expect positive results in your life. See what I mean?

Most people work hard yet they do not realize that their success is hindered by their own thoughts. They toil day and night at their careers, while complaining and thinking negative thoughts all the time, yet expecting success. If this happens to be the way your mind works, you will realize that although you are a hard worker for real at your chosen career or job, there will be little or no real progress to show for your hard work. And then, when this realization hits you, more negative thoughts will flood your mind and all sorts of negative tendencies are gonna creep into your life: anger, resentment, malice, regret, self-pity, drunkenness, drug/substance or alcohol abuse, immoral living…and so on and so forth. I call this state of mind unreal because that is exactly what it is: fake reality!

If you accommodate a false thought for a long time, there will be a tendency to believe in what the thought represents and you may end up accepting that false thought as truth; the thought may actually turn to a belief yet the thought is unreal. Do not ever forget that your belief is a powerful controlling force in your life; your beliefs dictate your decisions and you start acting and doing stuff as directed by those dominant beliefs.

A man or woman for example, who believes (because of wrong thinking) that everyone hates them is incapable of loving or living a normal stress-free life. Such people are always bitter with everyone for reasons that may not even be existing. You hear them say things like: that man/woman hates me. What have I ever done to him/her? Why was she looking at me like that? They were whispering and looking at me when I was passing…and so on. Such a mindset is destructive even to a promising career path. No wonder it is written that as a man thinketh, so is he (Proverbs 23: 7).

So the bottom line is this. What is your desire in life? Do you want to succeed? Then, think success. See yourself (in your thoughts, within your mind) succeeding. If you want to be a director at work, provided you have developed your skills to a level where you can lead people, then see yourself (in your thoughts) as a director; see yourself (in your thoughts) as a successful athlete; see yourself (in your thoughts) as financially independent, even when you are unemployed (it is called faith).

The principle of disciplining your thinking is applicable in all circumstances in your life. It takes persistence (another principle of success), perseverance (another principle of success), patience (another principle of success), and a positive work ethic to turn your thinking around. If you do, failure will never be an option for you; your success will be visible to the whole wide world (Hebrews 11: 1; Ecclesiastes 9: 10).

You need to discipline your thinking – at your job, in your work, career, business and even private life.

Discipline your thoughts. That is a good starting point to becoming the real you, who was born to excel and impact the world.

Get Up & Move!

***Next week we will be talking about the power of your words. You may read a previous article on the power of your actions here

DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s.


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