The Lord knows we are humans. He did not come for the righteous but for the unrighteous. He is looking out for His own to save from sin, deliver from self, and from every satanic oppressions.

Jacob was an interesting character. A man like most humans, a cheat, deceiver and usuper who cunningly schemed his brother out of his inheritance. God was however interested in him. HE had a great plan for him, even after getting into trouble, and with the consent of his parents, running away from home to avoid his brother’s wrath.
On the long run he encountered God, who introduced Himself to him.

I believe Jacob knew that his grandfather was a friend of God, and his father, Isaac, the miracle child. He also knew there was a divine promise hmmmmm. But in truth, he was not interested. Perhaps, to him, Jehovah was a mental knowledge and not an EXPERIENCE. Like some people who were born into this glorious Faith, but do not know the God their parents served.

Many are like Jacob, who did not have an experiencial relationship with God till that day he laid his head on a stone and the heavens opened, and he saw a ladder with angels descending and ascending, and the LORD stood above it.

The LORD confirmed the covenant of Abraham now on Jacob the scammer, deceiver, and usurper. Indeed, God’s ways are not our way.

“I will be back soon” became a twenty years sojourn, of struggles, hard labour and being cheated severally. By then his soul had received light and dependance on God. He prospered beyond his imagination and the imagination of his mean uncle, Laban. God was with him.

He became a man that fought many battles, internal and external, but one memorable battle gave him THE SCAR as he returned home. How was he to face Esau with his many troops, vent on killing him? He turned to God in prayer, the prayer became a wrestling match!

Do you know when a prayer becomes a wrestling match? You are very unlikely, never, to remain the same after an intense wrestling match.

(To be continued)


Paula Chi-Chi Iwenjiora

Pastor Paula Chi-Chi Iwenjiora is the host of 'Woman of Grace". She is a Pastor at Christian Marble Mission, and founder of Newcastle Edumed Foundation, Lagos, Nigeria.

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