ISOKEN- Iyke Sings

Isoken, in Edo (Nigeria) language literally means contentment. It is knowing that God is our father and loves us dearly. Also, it is living my DREAMS

For me, ISOKEN is more than just a song. It is an expression of gratitude to God for the great mercies and kindness He has demonstrated and continues to show towards me in all ramifications. Also, He is all knowing and all sufficient.

ISOKEN is a multifaceted faith venture. A revelation of a sincere desire and passion; a challenge of conviction and character. This, therefore, is a commitment to a lifelong faithful service.

ISOKEN is an encouragement to everyone because anything is possible if you can hold on, see through whatever difficulty confronting you and appears to be beyond your ability to handle. Realize that life is not static.

It is a testimonial. As a project, it evolves in works and services to humanity in promoting good cultural values, godly virtues as a means to molding characters, sharpening ideas and dreams of individuals and groups. Thus highlighting fundamental principles associated with life and the lessons people should learn and imbibe so that we may have good success in our endeavours.Live your dream undeterred! Create your space on life’s platform, and remember, the best we can do is to be good and faithful stewards- leaving good legacies.

Iyke Igie-Ogiugo has been ministering at New Covenant Gospel Church, Benin City, Nigeria, as a worship leader for many years. He is privileged to have previously served other Christian organisations in various capacities, one of such as a aide to Rev. Dr. Felix Omobude, a former President of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, and General Superintendent of New Covenant Gospel Church, founded by him in 1988

Iyke Oguigo is passionate about pure worship to his maker and service to humanity.


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