I know what you are thinking. I know so many questions are running through your mind at the sight
of the headline. As a believer, have you been faced with situations where you begin to ask questions
like ‘what if God does not show up?’, ‘what if he does not come through for me?’, and so many
‘what ifs’. Job was there but he never lost his faith. (Job 1:6-22).

We have been told that as believers, we are prone to trials and temptations. However, God’s
intention is for us to emerge from every trial better than when they started. This is why we have to
be prepared and ready; and we can only do so by constantly filling up our inner man with the word of
God, fellowship with God, abstaining from sin, and anything likely. We must be intentional about our efforts too.

Now, the good news is- GOD CAN NEVER FAIL. The bible teaches us that there is nothing impossible with God. Matthew 19:26.

So, do not blame fate when things go wrong or when it seems things are not going as you want
them. Keep your faith up and do not be weary because God will surely show up.


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