Is there blood in your hand? What has stained your hands?

A minister of the gospel once told me a story. The story surprised him but I was not surprised because I know such things happen.

He had been invited by a politician who was gunning for the Senatorial seat of his constituency. He sort prayers and counsel from my Pastor friend. My friend is “graced,” Grace that opened doors for him. Ticket paid, he arrived the city and was received as a royalty.

He got there and went straight away into the business of prayer. God opened his eyes to see blood dripping from the hands of the politician.

He struggled with that open vision. How would he confront the man? Well, he eventually took courage and did, “Why the blood in your hands?” He asked.

The politician groaned. At the last election, he was told to sacrifice human beings to be able to get the Senatorial seat of his Constituency.

He performed the sacrifice but did not get the ticket from the political party; the people who promised him where the same ones who worked against him.

Such is life!

The gospel minister led him to Christ, he confessed and repented of his sins, and said the reason why he called this Evangelist was to seek God’s mercy and grace. Man and cult had failed him, he needed God now.

Jesus said to his disciple, who acted irrationally with the sword, “Put your sword back where it belongs. All who use swords are destroyed by swords”

God judged David for killing Uriah and taking his wife… The sword ⚔️ shall NEVER depart from David’s house.

To be continued…….


Paula Chi-Chi Iwenjiora

Pastor Paula Chi-Chi Iwenjiora is the host of 'Woman of Grace". She is a Pastor at Christian Marble Mission, and founder of Newcastle Edumed Foundation, Lagos, Nigeria.

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