Pastor Paula Chi-Chi Iwenjiora

This is an era of darkness upon the earth and gross darkness covers the people.

However the good news is that the glory of the Lord has risen upon YOU and His glory shall be seen on YOU. There is an emphasis on YOU; You who have received the Lord. He expects you to make the difference.

Beyond the Miracles!

We pray for miracles yet we don’t apply the Word of God. “If you love me obey my Words,” so says The Lord God.

 We have prayers everywhere; even online prayers have taken over. This applies to all religious faith. However, where is that life of God, which the World should see and know we are set apart, a city set upon the hill, light bearers, torch bearers?  By their fruits we shall know them.

Beyond the Miracles!!

Are YOU part of the corruption in our world? You can make a difference God is expecting You to Arise.

Arise from shackles of oppressions, dust of corruption, shame and rejections…

Arise, Pray, get up, have faith to do something good for yourself, family, and neighbors. Be determined. Serve God in truth and not in deception, and serve humanity in truth, and equity.

Therein is God’s glory seen. Don’t forget! You are Loved, Forgiven, and Blessed ❤️🥰 Jesus did it!!


Paula Chi-Chi Iwenjiora

Pastor Paula Chi-Chi Iwenjiora is the host of 'Woman of Grace". She is a Pastor at Christian Marble Mission, and founder of Newcastle Edumed Foundation, Lagos, Nigeria.

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