Pastor Paula Chichi Iwenjiora

Miracles happen every day and in everywhere. In our time and dispensation, we are all looking for miracles… supernatural interventions. Many prophets magicians have perfected the act of dishing out miracles in the name of “Jazus”, yes…  and many are led astray to the damnation of their souls.

Many cults turned fellowship have snared innocent souls to death and hell, because of the quest for miracles or breakthroughs, financial, material, marital just name it! Jesus tells us in Mathew 24:2 take heed, be careful because in the last days false prophets will appear, and many will say they are Jesus’,   luring many to their doom

So I tell you- be careful who speaks into your life. The Word of God remains the Light for your path and Lamb for your feet.

The quest for prosperity has snared the soul of many. It is worrisome, but we are in the era of ritual killings to get power and wealth. Many of our young boys and adult are involved.

How did we get here?

We celebrate mediocrity; we celebrate ill gotten wealth; we allow charlatans on our thrones; we have allowed our consciences to be seared. We have corrupted our once glorified values as a Nation and as a Family. We are quiet. We are all guilty. We can’t speak up because we will face persecution and be sidelined in the National cake.

We are indeed in the perilous times. Guide your heart, seek God. Everything we have or we are will one day pass away. Let’s us go back to the Truth, to God, to His Word Let us go back to being humans and our brother’s keeper.

God gives Power to make wealth. And when you come to Jesus, you become the child of God with unlimited Power to change your life and that of others. Your course in life becomes good.

Do not forget you are Loved, forgiven, and in favour ❤️💕 Jesus did it 💝

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Paula Chi-Chi Iwenjiora

Pastor Paula Chi-Chi Iwenjiora is the host of 'Woman of Grace". She is a Pastor at Christian Marble Mission, and founder of Newcastle Edumed Foundation, Lagos, Nigeria.

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