I have not been at peace for 2 years now due to this hype which preaching in Pakistan brings. This is not against any minister or ministry specifically, as I’ve said, it is a 2-year-old burden that I just have to let out.

I honor every man and woman of God that had laboured and still labouring genuinely in this beautiful country.
I honor all the beautiful citizens of Pakistan. In fact, our ministry started in Pakistan after a trip I took there in 2018 in my final year in Medical school at Moscow.

My name is Samson Ajikobi, I am a Nigerian and I want to address this disturbing issue once and for all. Many may not be happy with me but may God of all flesh be pleased.

In 2018, I was invited to Pakistan by a wonderful man of God called Pastor Christee, a very wonderful brother. I had 20 crusades back to back, some small, some big, some with huge securities, some with no security, fliers all around in different cities, in some I was smuggled out for security reasons, and God’s power moved mightily with miracles. I was also with a dear brother called seer Gideon, He is a Ghanian.

I went back to Moscow, Russia for my graduation from medical school after an intense 20 days in Pakistan. It was also during the heat of the election in Pakistan and you could literally hear bombs from your room. That is not my point for this write-up.

Pakistani people loved and still love me, they gave me a lot of gifts and clothes even for my wife, they are just generally a loving people and that is why they are being taken advantage of. I was then the Pioneer and Pastor of Christ Embassy, Ryazan, Russia as a student, so I distributed a couple of the Rhapsody of Realities by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in Churches, in Crusades and in homes. In fact, the aftermath of this trip is that we now have a beautiful branch of our ministry in Pakistan, Spirit Assembly International Ministries PK.

With this little CV of mine, I think I am qualified to speak about the ‘business’ in Pakistan. I saw it all and I at least know something.

Let me start with these questions:

  1. Is Pakistan a Muslim country? YES but 95% of those in the crusades are Christians or passerby’s (nothing bad in this, it is the hype that irritates me)
  2. Is it really true that Christians are killed in Pakistan? YES but not as much as in NIGERIA…
  3. Is it difficult to get into Pakistan? NO (It is one of the easiest countries to travel to as a missionary), all you need is a Pakistan friend from Facebook, an invitation from his church and a flight ticket and sometimes a little investment in the crusades but not always.
  4. Is it difficult to gather a crowd in Pakistan? NO (the amount of crowd is directly proportional to the amount of money invested in the crusade, remember I had a 20 days back to back crusade)
  5. Are people saved and healed in these organised crusades? YES, but who counted the 5,000 or 1 million people that gave their lives to Christ. I don’t believe these numbers and this is where I have a problem. I have seen a lot of Missionaries blow these numbers off the roof. In fact, I can boldly say they are not real numbers. Let me tell you why…

Firstly, Salvation is not about ‘repeat after me ‘Dear Lord Jesus…’, No! This is only a means to an end. These people repeat the prayers and don’t even know what they are doing, don’t forget the heart is important when it comes to salvation, secondly, most of the people that came forward already came forward in 20-30 crusades. And who counts these numbers, where are the names, addresses and details of the people like the Late Papa Reinhard Bonnke did???
I am not against evangelical trips, in fact, I might be going to Pakistan to visit our spiritual Children soon but why are we using it only for self-glorification? Yes, I had my own share of popularity in 2018, then I never knew people become famous by going to Pakistan….why do we lie? Where is the fear of God?

Immediately after my trip in 2018, the Holy Spirit asked me only 1 question. “Son what was the essence of your trip to Pakistan”, I answered boldly “I preached the Gospel and so on” and he says “who will nurture the children you birthed?, are you that careless of a Father?”. This question birthed our ministry in Pakistan. I notice what Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke – Official Page, Rodney & Adonica Howard-Browne, Dag Heward-Mills and the likes do, they work with the local ministries to ensure these new souls are nurtured, that is true evangelism. There is a man of God I see on Facebook Ukpo Daniel that does Rural evangelism, after the crusades, this man will build churches in Villages, this was the Evangelism the Generals did, not this showcase going on here and there.

Here in Europe, if anyone goes to Africa to preach, he is instantly a King and Vice versa. The essence of ministry is THY KINGDOM COME not our kingdom come.

More than using these beautiful people for hypes and justification of our calling, they need real help. We need to strategize and go back to Pakistan. They need audio Bibles in their languages, most of them don’t speak English and can’t even read their language Urdu. They need teachers of the word, they need more and more churches. Can we save that money for Crusades for now or reduce it and channel our resources to establish ministers and believers in this Nation.

To the Pakistani Pastors also using this as business, “Man of God, send us 10,000 dollars and we will organise 20,000 people for you” and the foreign pastors also looking for justifications of their calling by one or two pictures of Pakistan on their profiles. There is nothing bad in making use of social media to propagate the good works of our Father but let us do it strategically and with the right motive because the Father is coming soon. I have turned down hundreds of invitations to Pakistan for this same reason, checking my motives and the motive of the one inviting me.

Samson Ajikobi with his wife

To those ministers praying and fasting to travel to Pakistan, you have enough ‘Pakistan’ in your home country, stay there and preach till you are sent…

I am not a referee, I am just a concerned brother reminding us that our works will pass through fire and will be shown for what it is.

I love you.
Dr. Samson Ajikobi
Yours in Service


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