It Is Never Too Late (Part 1)

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Hopes and doubts

Do you know it is never too late, to realise just about any dream in your life? And, are you aware that this possibility has no respect for how much time you may have spent struggling? It might be true that you have tried this and that and things didn’t work out as expected. But, that is not a problem. It doesn’t matter how much time has gone by. All you need is to be alive and have hope, and to look at the bright side of life.

Today’s post is about two questions. We will come to them in a moment. Get ready. Most of all, do not doubt your ability to succeed, and stop getting discouraged. It is never too late.

Too late?

There is a monster called discouragement. In the context of this article, it is a state of mind that signals to you that it is too late to accomplish your dreams; that all might be lost already. Discouragement tells you that you may never make it again in life. This monster will advise you to take it easy, try to get by, day by day and try to survive. However, discouragement is a toothless monster; one that you can defeat with little effort. You’ll see why soon enough that it is never too late to make a turnaround.

I know you had dreams when you were younger. Everyone did. And those your dreams never materialized, right? Then, you became discouraged and decided give up? That’s not who you truly are. You are not a quitter. There are millions of successful people who went through that very experience. Yet, they refused to become discouraged. They made up their minds to pursue their dreams, despite the discouragement. And eventually, they made it in life. They attained their desires. They proved that it is never too late to make it.

So, what now?

When it looks as if nothing is working, what’s the way forward? You know what I mean? When you have tried your best, and still it looks like things are not working out, there is something you can do. And, I’ll start to show you now. Like I mentioned in this post, it is a process. It takes time and deliberate effort and a dogged determination to win.

There is a dire need for self-discovery. By that I mean, finding out your strengths and your weaknesses. I believe that not knowing who you are is the main reason you struggle to get things done.  Why do you start a project or a course, without questioning if you have the capacity to accomplish it or not. You fail to question your strengths or weaknesses vis-à-vis that project or course. Yet, you still go ahead with it. See what I mean? And, this is probably why you may have started many projects and not finished them. But, it is not too late to fix all of that.

What do you do?

Where do you then start? Identify your gift! It is that simple. When you do, you will be able to tell with certainty what you can do and what you may struggle to do. Identifying your gift will let you know if your dreams of long ago were fantasy or reality. You will be able to see clearly what you need to do in any given situation.

If the Creator has kept you alive till now, I strongly believe He is giving you a chance to redeem what you lost. Your true self, God’s image and likeness (Genesis 1:27) and the totality of your abilities are hidden in your gift. It is not only about hard work. Hard work outside your gift is simply hard labour. Some call it suffering. See? So, what do you do? Find your gift! And start the process.


I want to ask you two very important questions. Get a pen and paper and put your creative mind to task as you prepare to answer the questions. This is step one of the process to living your purpose in the world. I believe a new chapter will begin in your life. You will realize that the reason you need a job is not for you to pay bills etc., but to raise money to invest in your own gift, maybe in the form of a project. Trust me. 

Are you ready?

  1. As far back as your mind can go, what is the one thing that you always wanted so badly to accomplish but couldn’t? (You may have a long list. It’s okay if you do).
  2. When you think about that one thing, how do you feel? Do you feel sorry for yourself or angry or nonchalant? 

Do not be in a rush. Take the entire week to answer these two questions. I know it is difficult to remember things as far back as your childhood or adolescent days. When we meet again, I will provide some suggestions that will unmistakably lead you to your gift. As you immerse yourself in the process, the pieces of the puzzle that has been your life will start to fall in place. Meanwhile…


In the meantime, please find time to read the entire book of Esther in the Old Testament. If reading isn’t your thing (I wonder why), read only Esther 6, the entire chapter. There was a man called Mordecai who was a ‘write-off’ in the eyes of men; he was an old man who sat daily at the gate of King Ahasuerus’ palace, ragged and not worthy of notice. He might have concluded that it was too late for him to do or become anything in life. Yet he ended up as a prominent  ruler in a foreign nation that hated him and his people the Jews. How and why did he experience the turnaround? How is Mordecai’s story applicable to you and I in the 21st century? What lessons can we draw from there? We will address those questions next week.

So, what are you going to do? The world has always been waiting for your impact.

Get Up & Move

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