Your Trump Card to win in Life and Career! (II)

Quote of the week: Give your #CreativeAbilities a chance to #TransformYourLife and make you the person your were born to be! #RolandRayKangong 

In last Sunday’s post, we saw the need to tap into your creative abilities in all your activities. And that is because ingenuity can be construed as the checkmate that will definitely ensure the moves to make you succeed in life. So, let us take that conversation further.

Your creative abilities are indeed your trump card to win in life and your career. If you choose to step into the unknown, you will be confident and fully armed with a creative mindset that will deliver the necessary help and make you a winner.

What your creative abilities can do for you

Creativity will lead to success. Science tells us that expressing yourself freely will give you a very high chance of succeeding at anything you may put your mind on to achieve. Why? Free thinking is creative thinking, which in turn is thinking out of the box, as this article suggests. Your creativity will deliver needed answers, all the time. 

Creative people are more successful in life. This is possible because creative thinking delivers answers to life’s problems and needs, always. It was the case with Jacob as we read in Genesis 30. Let’s see how Jacob’s creative thinking made him succeed tremendously in business. 

Jacob’s unusual ingenious plan

Jacob deceived his elder brother Esau and stole his birthright (Genesis 27). Then, afraid that Esau might kill him, he escaped to his mother’s brother Laban in a far country. His uncle Laban engaged him as a worker to tend his flock for 7 years as a form of dowry for Laban’s daughter Rachel whom Jacob loved dearly.

After 7 years, Jacob got Leah as wife instead of Rachel. He slept with Leah on the wedding night thinking it was Rachel. He was given another opportunity to work for 7 more years to marry Rachel; and he agreed. After 14 years and two wives with children, Jacob desired to return to his own nation with his family. Uncle Laban asked what his payment would be (Genesis 30:28). Jacob said he wanted no payment (Genesis 30:31). Strange, right? Nevertheless, Jacob had a creative plan, using his creative abilities, which he proposed to his uncle (Genesis 30:32 – 36).  

From verses 37 – 42, Jacob did something that everyone in their ‘normal’ senses would call a stupid move. It is akin to someone offering free services in a company and spending money daily to go to work for no salary, although such a move may pay huge dividends later. So, Jacob executed his plan, exactly as his creative mind had delivered it to him. His unusual creativity made him extremely wealthy (verse 43). 

Vital Lessons

There are vital lessons to take away from Jacob. You can imagine that if he had shared his plan with someone or even his wives, they were probably going to tell him how stupid his plan was. Therefore, I suggest that you avoid sharing your creative plan with anyone. Unless it is someone who can ‘see’ what you are seeing and is willing to become a partner or support structure in that plan, keep your plans to yourself. 

Jacob’s idea may have sounded unrealistic and naive. His uncle must have seen it as a stupid move that would help him to keep exploiting Jacob’s services. In the same vein, your seemingly naive and unrealistic ideas you have had and abandoned came from your creative mind, pushing you to take actions that will lead you to succeed. Do you realize that? How many ideas have you abandoned because you shared them with a friend, family member, colleague etc. and they told you that you were dreaming and that your idea can never work? Creativity that will impact your world will sound unrealistic, even foolish, to everyone except you. So go ahead with your ‘unrealistic and naive’ ideas; those ideas are the trump card for your lifting to greatness. 

Implications of Giftedness

You see, thinking creatively may cause people to call you names like crazy, foolish, dreamer, clueless, and so on. Yes, accept those names in good faith and stick to your ‘foolishness’. Jacob acted ‘foolish’ and became one of the wealthiest men in human history. 

Whatever you want to achieve, engage your creativity; the moment it kicks into play, never doubt it. Stick with your plan and make sure to execute it to the letter. Jacob did the same and his phenomenal success is recorded in Genesis 30:43; he “…increased exceedingly…” (verse 43, KJV). 

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, your creativity is a trump card for your success. Remember always that you were born creative. Learn to recognise your creative abilities. How? 

Your Part

You need to cultivate the ability to listen to your inner voice. I believe you know the voice I am talking about. There is a voice in your mind, in your head, and it is always suggesting things to you. Listen to it! Think deeply about what you are ‘hearing’ and analyse how it applies to the situation facing you. When you are faced with a problem do not be quick to seek someone’s opinion. If you always run to people when you are facing issues in your life, your creativity will hardly ever come to the fore.

Make it a habit to always write down possible solutions to your situation as you are hearing the solutions in your mind. Never quickly dismiss any thought or idea that comes to your mind as impractical. It is a process that gets refined with use. So, learn to develop your creative mind because it is possible to do so.

As you work through possible solutions to your problems, your creativity will be getting honed, slowly but surely, until you eventually become a solution-provider instead of a solution-seeker. Get my point? And don’t forget that most employers nowadays are looking for creativity as one of the top skills. (Maybe that is why creative people with diplomas get employed while post graduates of any level with no proof of creative thinking go around broke.)

What are you going to do? The world is waiting for your impact. 


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