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Quote of the week: Do you have a vision? Write it down, read it, get creative and act on it! (Habakkuk 2:2) #RolandRayKangong

Today, we’ll begin with Genesis 30:25-43. I suggest you take a moment to first read these verses that are part of a longer story before returning to this article so that you may have a proper and clearer perspective as you read. It is about Jacob whose creativity turned a sour situation into a phenomenal success story.

I want us to consider an important life principle called creativity. I believe you know the word. Creativity is a trump card for success in life and work. We’ll see in a moment.

Allow me to quickly remind you that in some posts on my blog, I wrote about thoughts, words and actions. Imagine that you are faced with some a sort of challenge while working on your gift or responding to a situation at your work/job. You would likely tackle that challenge by taking a moment to think about it first, then speaking about it possibly in a brainstorm session with someone, and lastly taking action. In the course of taking action (you take actions every day for different reasons), you always make a demand, most of the times unconsciously, on your creativity.

So, what is creativity and how does it work? Why is creativity important? Where is creativity applicable in life? And, why is creativity a principle? Where do you get creativity from? Can you learn creativity?

To answer the above questions, I will first define creativity in the context of this article as: an ability to bring into tangible or intangible existence something (an asset) that wasn’t existing before. This is usually done in response to a need. When an architect wants to design a house, the design process begins first in his/her mind, then the plan is drawn on paper or a digital device, and finally the physical building is erected as experts labor physically to build, brick by brick, according to the creative principles suggested by the architect.

As such, creativity is clearly a process hence you may hear of the phrase, the creative process or creative thinking . Creativity is so important because, when all is said and done, it is creativity or the absence thereof, that determines the good or bad outcome of an action, be it a project of any size and dimension, or decisions that run companies or even governments in nations. There is a subtle implication here that creativity can give birth to success while the absence of creativity may produce a failed outcome. Think about it!

Therefore, creativity is not for the artist, designer, architect, engineer etc. You need creativity in daily life, in all your activities; as a matter of fact creativity is important in just about every conceivable human activity. Creativity cannot be taught per se but can be refined through constant and regular use. You are born creative. That is why it is dangerous to go through life without finding your gift and working very hard to refine and put it to use. If you ignore your creative personality and depend on acquired knowledge from a qualification, then for example the day robots take over your qualification-based job, you may be caught between a rock and a hard place. Get my point? Just think about it.

The creative businesswoman is the successful businesswoman; the same applies to everyone no matter your activity. You can do your job/work creatively. You can study creatively. And that, would make you more productive.

Now take a moment and ask yourself how much you have been creative in whatever you do as your business, work or job. In applying creativity to a situation, you refuse to panic or make decisions hastily; rather, you would take a moment to shut out all the noisy voices in your head, calm down your spirit and carefully consider (Luke 14:28) what you need to do before you take action.

I’ll leave you to ponder over these things, especially in relation to your daily activity in life, whether you call it a job or business.

Next week we will look at the story of Jacob in Genesis 30 in the light of today’s article. There are vital life lessons and principles that you’ll take away from Jacob’s unusual creative process and that you can apply in your life. I am also going to share practical tips on ways of awakening your creativity.

In the meantime, always remember that the world awaits your impact. What are you going to do?

Get Up & Move!

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