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US Presidency: What God Showed Me- Igho Yegbeburu

After The US Election (A New Post With Updates and Bold Declarations Shared Today Tuesday 10th Nov. 2020)

Greetings beloved friends. I want to start by appreciating all who saw my previous post and were bold enough to like, comment or share. I know there are others who also read it but chose to just watch to see how things will unfold. Speaking of things unfolding, I wish to make some bold statements in this post and I want you to please pay close attention so you do not misconstrue or misinterpret what I am about to say here.

Once again, I want to remind you that my previous post on the US presidential election was with the title, “After The US Election”. I was trying to draw your attention to the things that will follow after that election.

Please note that I said, and I quote, ” I saw a scene which happens to be moments just after the election result was declared.”Please note that the result of the presidential election has not been declared to the best of my knowledge by the appropriate body. For your information, the electoral college or state legislatures are the ones with the authority to declare the winner of the election. What we have heard so far are media declarations. They have declared Joe Biden as the winner by what has been projected so far but we await the official declaration.

Don’t forget that the results of some key states are being challenged in court right now and anything can happen. Now, let me make a bold statement right to enlighten you on the content of my initial post and the comments I made as a follow up on the comment box. Please note that when I said, and I quote, “I saw that the president will not wait for the celebration to be over before he begin to attend to some serious issues.” The person I saw was Donald Trump, not Joe Biden. I was not afraid to say so, as it has been with the way I am led to share the divine insights I have received about the US elections since 2012 (when I started speaking on the US presidential elections). I did not mention a name because I was not led to and I don’t have to (that may make me sound biased to my immediate audience). But don’t forget that I gave a clue when I included the scripture Psalms Chapter 2. Considering the two candidates, that scripture is only appropriate to President Donald Trump right now. I am telling you in clear terms what I saw now because that is what I saw.

If I was trying to be smart and play it safe then, I will not tell you Donald Trump is the one I saw. You know it sounds crazy and unwise for me to say so right now, but that is what I saw and I am declaring it now when a lot seems to be going against Trump. It is either I got it wrong and so I need to improve my walk with God and admit that I missed it, or I got it right and God be praised. Well, time will tell.Come to think of it, if I play it safe how then will I learn to grow my walk with God. I know that I am human and according to 1 Corinthians 13:8-10, the best of us can only see in part. Only the Lord sees and knows everything as they were, are and will be. He alone has that glory. The rest of us see and speak in part.

That notwithstanding, I am only declaring what I saw and that is the obvious way to go to make some improvement in my walk with God.

Let me also boldly declare that after I made that initial post (which I actually received 1:20am of Tuesday morning November 3, 2020, but later shared it on Facebook Wednesday morning in Nigeria while it was still Tuesday in the US). I was still in the place of prayer when I saw what I immediately understood to be illegal ballots in bags being included in the vote count. Later on, just before I left the house Thursday morning which was still Wednesday in the US, I heard the word “Shenanigan”, (at this point, I was not in any formal position of prayer).

I went on to comment on the thread of my post about shenanigan and said, “… For better understanding, here is the meaning; Secret or dishonest activity or maneuvering.” This was far before I heard it used by President Donald Trump and others. By that I sensed something was going wrong. But I know God will glorify his name.

Beloved, I sense something huge is about to happen. Once again, I see the need to share a part of the initial post to help throw more light on what I just said, ” Things that will shock many are about to unfold. Many surprising revelations will follow the election and people will be shocked at the magnitude of what will come to light. So many secrets will be exposed and true justice (uncovering of dirty and insincere dealings) will follow. The screaming headline will be Shame! Shame!! Shame!!! Many will be confused, wondering and asking, How did this happen? It shall become obvious, the game is over.

Beloved, I hope I have been able to give you a clearer picture of what I was trying to communicate to you from the initial post. Please, take note that this has to do with that which I saw. You can choose to differ but please be polite, sincere and civil in your response. We don’t have to fight over this because there is just no need to. Let us choose to respect and regard one another.

Beloved, our relationship is way beyond the US elections.

You are very important to me and I hope I am to to you too? I love you no matter what. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and keep praying for the will of the Lord to be done in the US and the whole world. God rules most justifiably in the affairs of men and He has the final say (Lamentation 3:36-37).Thanks for taking out time to read this long post. God bless you.

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Rev. Igho Yegbeburu is the lead minister at The Glorious Fountain Ministries and Glorious Fountain Ministries, Warri, Delta State, Nigeria.


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