#EndSars: Time To Pull Back and Embrace Peace, Emeka Ikwuagwu Urges Abian Youths

Emeka George Ikwuagwu, the Commissioner for Youth and Sports Development in Abia, a South-Eastern State of Nigeria has made a passionate plea to the state’s #EndSars protesters to sheath their swords and embrace peace.

The state’s youths who started their protests much later after their counterparts in Lagos and Abuja, had had miscreants infiltrate their ranks to cause mayhem, looting, and destruction of property. At least two deaths have so far been reported in the spiraling mayhem.

In his open letter to the youth, the commissioner writes:

“My dear Abia youth, we have peacefully protested and registered all what that have been agitating our minds. We must be proud of ourselves for conducting our protest in a very peaceful manner.

We must now be worried how our otherwise peaceful protest has turned violent. Hoodlums have broken our ranks and hijacked our protest. They do not represent us or are in sync with our modus operandi. We must at this stage pull back and disassociate ourselves from the madness going on now. We must leave the streets to continue our demands through other legitimate means that the social media has provided. “Aluta continua”!!

Believe me, my dear youths, we have been heard. We were heard when we staged our peaceful protest. I am very sure that government will make concessions to accommodate our demands. It is only through dialogue and discussion that we can get what we demanded for and never through violence. Do not listen to those who instigate and incite you to destroy, kill, loot and maim others. We have no other place to call home. Ourselves and our people are the ones we will hurt in the end. Let us be wise and listen to good counsel.

Let us leave the streets and channel our demands through the panel of inquiry set up by our dear Governor. We must hold government accountable if it fails to implement the recommendations of the panel of inquiry that has mostly youths as members. We shall endeavor to complete the (Abia Youth portal) where government will be receiving uncensored complaints from you and feedback/ response from government on 24/7 basis.

I will crave your indulgence to exercise patience while our demands are looked into by government.

Our prayers and thoughts go out to all those who have lost their lives in the struggle. May God Almighty heal those injured. We do not want to lose any more of our young people. We have lost so much already. Let us put our thinking cap and say No to senseless destructions.


Thank you my wonderful Abia youths. May God bless you all.

Ikwuagwu Emeka George, Hon.Commissioner For Youth And Sports Development.

Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia State (seated in the middle)


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