The Youth, Media, and the Church

What Gap Are We Bridging?

Is it the gap created between youths and the church by reason of the pandemic? Is it the gap caused by the media between the church and youths? How can the church harmonize the content of the media with a deliberate intent for reaching the Youths with relevant ministry? What gap are we bridging?

The pandemic has created several gaps in society from health to education, business to religion not leaving out even governance. Different folks and institutions are taking advantage of this gap for their own agenda. The question believers should be asking is what the church is doing, or better still, what we believers are doing about this?

I want to focus my attention on the gulf between the church and the Youths caused by the pandemic but exploited by the world’s system (COSMOS… for we wrestle not against flesh and blood….) our fight is against the satanic world’s system that is strategically taking out the next generation’s spiritual potency by releasing the spirit of numbness into our next generation.

This is an ongoing battle that the pandemic has widened the gap between the church and the world’s satanic system for the capturing of the souls of the next generation.

During the pandemic, one of the few thriving sectors was the media or convergence of the media (Telecoms, traditional media – radio TV, and new media – Internet, video –on – demand, cable TV, Mobile content etc)

Some churches were even caught off guard not able to continue ministry or any form of service during the pandemic but not so with our main rivals – the kingdom of darkness represented by the worldly system.

Few weeks down the line churches started struggling with online services trying to do a similitude of normal service online but not understanding the full dynamics of the online platforms available.

Some had very low standard equipment, others had poor formats and some others had no understanding of online protocols or strategies to maximize the platforms. Majority of the youths had to switch elsewhere for edification- for those who were mature enough to still be seeking God.  Majority of youths found this period as holiday from any spirituality or fellowship.

Now The Question Before Us Today Is: How can the church harmonize the content of the media with a deliberate intent to effectively reach the Youths with relevant message?

THE YOUTH: The United Nations defines youth as persons between the ages of 15 and 24 with all UN statistics based on this range, the UN states education as a source for these statistics. The UN also recognizes that this varies without prejudice to other age groups listed by member states such as 18–30.

Synonyms: juvenility, youthfulness, adolescence, teens, minority, nonage, juniority, young man, lad, boy, stippling, cadet, minor, juvenile, adolescent. Associated words: juvenescence, rejuvenation, rejuvenate, juvenescent, rejuvenating, juvenescence, juvenescent.

Opposite of Youth – senility, age, dotage, old age. Synonyms: juvenility, youthfulness. Youth (noun)

Synonyms for old age – ancient, antiquated, antique, archaic, obsolete, and venerable.

THE MEDIA: Communications platform with possibilities of sending and receiving messages Internet/Tv, Film/cinema, and Mobile. Today’s media is responsible for shaping the mindsets of people especially young people. This is why it is important that the church adopts an active position rather than a passive position concerning the issue of setting media agendas for the next generation.

I feel strongly we are starting too late to discuss this issue but it is better late than never.

Today’s media has completely accepted the homosexual lifestyle as an alternative lifestyle with excuses that homosexuals cannot help themselves and that society has to accept them.

Right living is continuously made to look like a historical reality that is not consistent with present day realities. Ungodly principles and wisdom are being upheld as the standard for living…’49 laws of power’ instead of the book of proverbs…

The Church, The gathering of believers: The church has faced the biggest assault of all time with the recent lockdown of church worship and this has forced the church to adopt and embrace the reality of ‘Church without walls’.

There are bad or negative effects to this but in the present circumstance that the entire world is going through it is better the church maximizes the potential of this new-norm rather than be complaining or avoiding it.

Big Question is – does the church have any relevant ministry in these pandemic times towards the youth folks?

Can the church compete favourably with the competing youth focused contents in these times? What does the church have to share in this pandemic times that is relevant to young people? Does the church have or can they create a youth focused content for the next generation?              

What should be the intent of the church in times like this? How can it Harmonize Content with Intent? Do youths have a particular content or can the church design youth focused/relevant content during these pandemic times?

We have:

•             Creators of content;

•             Curators of content;

•             Consumers of content.

Youth Focused Content:

•             Music/Movies/Drama/Sitcom/Reality Shows/Edutainment/@ Learning

•             What Kind Of Music Are We Creating?

•             Are we taking advantage of the Movie or theater?

•             Can we create relevant Sitcoms/Reality shows?

•             Can the church create educative religious content in an entertaining way?

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