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Safeguarding Family Life Amidst the Pandemic


We are in a strangely interesting time, no doubt. Different predictions, assumptions have been suggested as the effects and aftermath of the Covid-19 on the world. The family, as an institution, is not spared from some of these. These include a closer- or closely-knit family life, another baby boom era, higher rate of divorce, increase in marital/spousal abuse, more child delinquencies and even death in the family.

Objective of the Discuss

To enlighten and remind families of how to safeguard their relationships from adverse effects of the Pandemic.

The Pandemic & The Real Problem

The Coronavirus erupting in Wuhan, China did not stop at been a peculiar problem in China but became a global problem. In order to curtail it, it is believed that self-quarantine or lockdown in one’s home is to be in immediate effect.

However, this stirred up a long existing but unnoticed pandemic in the fabric of family and society; this is the “me-first” syndrome breeding a society of self-centered individuals, even in the family setting. Thus, the real problem is that many homes are already broken up into the co-habitants situation but unknown and undetected until spouses and children have to spend more time than ever with one another and the lapses are revealed.

Guiding Principles to Safeguarding Family Life

• Get the Foundation Right: God’s plan in setting up the home is for unity, and expression of intimate relationship with another person with whom one raises godly offspring when added to the family.

• Work on motivations for each member of the family: men thrive when respected, women when loved and children when understood and shown example (Eph 5:23; 25; 6:4)

• Safeguarding is something that begins right from the beginning of the relationship, ever before a pandemic or any crisis whatsoever. Thus, commitment must drive the relationship to growth as it changes while the relationship continues to change as it grows. i

• Achieving spiritual intimacy is crucial to a secure family life. This is defined as the joyful union experienced when two people learn to relate to God and see Him work in their lives in a very practical and specific ways. It is something transcending social, sexual or mutual aspect of the marital life.

Practical Guide to Safeguarding Family Life

• Devotional Life: The family should intentionally create time for this. It is time well and wisely invested.

• Timely Conflict Resolution: In as much as couples are human beings, offense abounds, but the ability to employ a timely conflict solution will safe the marriage a great deal of heart and headaches.

• Family in Ministry: there are many things that families can do together in the name of the Lord to minister or serve the community where God has placed them.

• Create Time for Recreation: families should have time to unwind together and have fun. It builds mutuality and various other life’s lessons are taught and learned during such.

• Sexual intimacy for the couple: sexual activity is part of the package of marriage and it is never an option at any point or made a privilege.

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